Patreon’s Choice: De Molen Not For Sale Ale – Craft Lager

Not for Sale Ale -- Craft Lager

We asked our Patreon subscribers to suggest some beers for us to taste and Chris Gooch chose this one: “I’m dying to know what the De Molen Not for Sale Ale is like. An initiative that deserves a lot of support.”

The ini­tia­tive he men­tions start­ed in Swe­den and is ded­i­cat­ed to tack­ling human traf­fick­ing and mod­ern slav­ery. One hun­dred per cent of the prof­its from this beer, brewed in the Nether­lands, go to the Not for Sale cam­paign. We bought our bot­tles from Hon­est Brew at a quite rea­son­able £2.89 per 330ml, plus deliv­ery.

It’s a hazy yel­low beer with high car­bon­a­tion. The aro­ma is a back-and-forth of straight­for­ward cit­rus hop and pun­gent, funky, over­ripe fruit. There’s per­haps a bit of veg­etable or leafy herb in there, too.

It tastes of green apple, orange pith and brown bread, before segu­ing into the kind of bit­ter­ness that hangs around, feed­ing back on itself until there’s no band­width left.

We liked it a lot, with only some very slight nit­pick­ing reser­va­tions about those veg­e­tal notes. It’s bright, full of flavour and char­ac­ter, and quite dis­tinc­tive. If we had to com­pare it to anoth­er beer it would be the sin­gle-hop Cas­cade ale brewed by Cas­tle Rock for M&S a few years ago (and, what do you know, De Molen does use Cas­cade in this beer) except it’s quirki­er and dirt­i­er, in the best pos­si­ble sense.

Is it a lager? In tech­ni­cal terms, no. It’s even less like lager than our exper­i­ments in brew­ing Helles with Gold­ings and Maris Otter – more fruity and funky, in fact, than many pack­aged and paci­fied British ales. But in terms of how you might use it? Yes, it fits in the lager slot. It tastes great cold, bites at the back of the throat, does­n’t demand your full atten­tion, and tastes pri­mar­i­ly of malt and hops. And, at 4.7% ABV, you could prob­a­bly tack­le a few in a row if you had the taste.

We’d def­i­nite­ly buy this again even if 100 per cent of the prof­its were going into some­body’s pock­et. It’s our kind of beer.

3 thoughts on “Patreon’s Choice: De Molen Not For Sale Ale – Craft Lager”

  1. Inter­est­ing – must try this.

    I notice that this beer is sup­plied in the pop­u­lar 330ml size (prob­a­bly for brew­eries that is. More and more brew­eries seem to be doing this and charg­ing what would be a price for a 500ml bot­tles. Craft should not mean small bot­tles!

    The Soci­ety for 500ml Bot­tles (or 568ml= 1 Pint), starts here.

    1. De Molen are Dutch and the 330ml bot­tle is the norm in the Nether­lands, as it is in Bel­gium. I cer­tain­ly would­n’t want a 500ml bot­tle of any­thing above 5% which is the base line in those coun­tries.

  2. thank you. I did­n’t know it was avail­able here, but I will def­i­nite­ly track it down now

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