Belgophilia Unlocked

Illustration: Belgium and Belgian beer.

Last year we wrote a piece for CAMRA’s BEER magazine about British beer drinkers obsessed with Belgium and Belgian beer.

It was great fun to write and involved inter­view­ing and cor­re­spond­ing with some fas­ci­nat­ing peo­ple, pon­der­ing some intrigu­ing ques­tions – what part did Eurostar play in all this? How will Brex­it influ­ence it in future? What the heck is ‘Bur­gun­di­an Bab­ble Belt’?

It was in the mag­a­zine last autumn and in Feb­ru­ary this year we made it avail­able to our Patre­on sub­scribers. Now, a cou­ple of months on, we’ve unlocked that post so every­one can read it.

If you’d like to get advance access to this kind of stuff (we write two or three things for the Patre­on feed every week), and want to tell us which beers to taste, among oth­er perks, then do con­sid­er sign­ing up. It’s dead easy and real­ly does give us an enor­mous boost and encour­ages us to keep this mad­ness up.

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