Guinness: ‘PR 2/50/12 – Mr Shildrick’s Programme’

Among the big pile of Guinness documentation we’ve been sorting through on behalf of its owner there is one item sexier than all the rest: a head brewer’s process chart, about a metre long, printed on canvas.

Here’s a pho­to:

Guinness brewery wallchart.

On the back in pen­cil is writ­ten:

  • PR 2/50/12
  • Mr Shildrick’s Pro­gramme
  • 10 am mash

From David Hughes’s invalu­able ref­er­ence A Bot­tle of Guin­ness Please we know that Mr Shildrick was Major Lance Shildrick, Guin­ness head brew­er from 1949 to 1953. From that, and the code writ­ten on the back, we’d guess that this chart was pro­duced in 1950, but that is only a guess.

Because this doc­u­ment is such an odd shape, and is fair­ly bat­tered, it proved chal­leng­ing to scan until we bit the bul­let and did it one tiny sec­tion at a time using a small portable device.

We then tried to stitch it togeth­er auto­mat­i­cal­ly using var­i­ous bits of soft­ware but none worked.

In the end, we had to man­u­al­ly fit the pieces togeth­er in Pho­to­shop, lin­ing them up, nudg­ing them this way and that, straight­en­ing and rotat­ing by tiny degrees.

We then con­vert­ed it to black and white and invert­ed the colours it to make it, we think, eas­i­er to read.

The end result isn’t per­fect, but it’s not ter­ri­ble either.

You can view or down­load the full 1mb image file here.

We’ll be try­ing to make some sense of this our­selves but in the mean­time would wel­come insight and com­men­tary from brew­ers, or any­one else who can glean use­ful info from the chart.

* * *

Scan­ning, stitch­ing and tidy­ing up this doc­u­ment took some­thing like five hours so we must once again thank Patre­on sub­scribers like Mason Sin­gle­ton, Sam Schwab and Tom Fur­niss whose ongo­ing sup­port encour­ages to spend our free time on this kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “Guinness: ‘PR 2/50/12 – Mr Shildrick’s Programme’”

  1. PR = Pro­duc­tion Run

    2/50/12 might be 12 Feb­ru­ary 1950 or 2 Decem­ber 1950

    The for­mer was a Sun­day ; the lat­ter a Sat­ur­day.

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