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Our Favourite Beer Tweets of 2018

We’ve done this for the past few years, partly to remind ourselves of things that tickled us, enlightened us, or made us think, but also perhaps to help you find new people to follow.

Of course Twitter makes this very difficult: advanced search tools that used to make it easy to review our own past retweets seem to be broken, or limited, and scrolling back through your own timeline is painfully slow.

Fortunately, between that and our weekly news and nuggets round-ups, we did manage to dig up the following.

1. Pub signs

Truly a work of art.

2. Pub interiors

Martin Tweets hundreds of pictures like this from his pub crawls – do give him a follow.

3. Morse – he’s a mystery to us

Pandora Tweeted a whole series of photos of John Thaw holding pints of beer and, honestly, we want someone to turn this into a calendar.

4. Acoustic money

This amused us at the time; with all the recent talk of cashless pubs, it has gained new relevance.

5. Duran Duran

Pete should be both ashamed and proud of himself.

6. Elastic capacity

Nick has a knack of cutting through to this kind of essential truth.

7. April Fool

Something something craft beer something something.

8. Pub food

Or for three Richmond sausages on Smash with Bisto.

9. Garnish

Like something from Vic & Bob’s ‘The Club’.

10. Memory failure

“It us”, as the kids were saying about four years ago.

11. Simples

Well, he’s not wrong.

12. Thinking up time

Not everybody agreed with the sentiment expressed here.

13. On the up

There’s hope for them yet.

14. Stereotypes

Ay up.

15. Am I bothered?

Sharp aftertaste, slightly sour, 2 stars.

16. The Old House at Home

This account is Evan Rail’s therapeutic side project. Give it a follow.

17. There’s a man down the pub swears he’s Elvis

Paul’s website is a fantastic resource – check it out.

18. Fierce

“….mounted her wheel…”

19. A chance of meatballs

Sign of the times.

20. And one of our own

There’s one more round-up to come this year – our ‘best of us’ post where we flag the favourite bits of our own writing. That should land… tomorrow, maybe? Or Sunday.

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14) friends of mine regularly organise gigs out at crook barn Appletreewick. I definitely need work out how to get there. Great venue by all accounts

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