Hazy Beer Due Diligence

A pint of hazy beer.

When you’re order­ing a beer, what more can you ask for than this?

Now, before I pull a full pint, I’m going to put a bit in a glass so you can see how it looks. It’s just gone on, and it’s hazier than we were expect­ing. But we got some pho­tos up from the brew­ery’s tap­room, and this is how it looks there. It tastes great to me, but do you want to try it before you com­mit?”

As we did­n’t know the beer (North­ern Monk Eter­nal) and are used to being served pints of hazy pale ale these days, we would­n’t have bat­ted an eye­lid. But it was nice to have a dia­logue.

It’s a weird facet of beer cul­ture in 2019 that this new bit of eti­quette is nec­es­sary, but here we are.

At any rate, we did­n’t both­er try­ing the beer, we just went for it, and it did taste great.

2 thoughts on “Hazy Beer Due Diligence”

  1. A lit­tle expla­na­tion goes a long way. Far bet­ter than ‘It’s sup­posed to be like that…’, espe­cial­ly when you know it’s not.

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