New to us: Wilde Child Brownie Hunter

Wilde Child stout.

A theme is beginning to emerge: when we do find beer from a brewery we don’t already know, based on the available data, it will probably have lactose in it.

We came across this 4.9% choco­late fudge brown­ie stout from Leeds in a can at our local bot­tle shop, Bot­tles & Books, and paid (we think) £5.99 includ­ing a small drink-in sur­charge.

It was nei­ther flat nor a gush­er – a good start – and pro­duced two tidy, tiny glass­es of trans­par­ent bear-brown.

For some­thing billed as a dessert beer, it was fair­ly light-bod­ied, almost thin, with a touch of but­ter­scotch, some vanil­la, and a gen­er­al milk choco­late easy­go­ing nature.

We were remind­ed of:

  1. Mean­time Choco­late Porter – a beer we used to love but which has undoubt­ed­ly been left behind in the fan­cy beer arms race.
  2. Cad­bury’s drink­ing choco­late – the one you drank as a kid, before you realised you were meant to want some­thing either dark­er or rich­er, or both.

Young’s Dou­ble Choco­late is per­haps in sim­i­lar ter­ri­to­ry, but some­how has more heft.

This isn’t quite our thing these days but it cer­tain­ly was­n’t flawed or faulty and we enjoyed drink­ing it.

So that’s anoth­er brew­ery through the first check­point and onto our drink-again list.

One thought on “New to us: Wilde Child Brownie Hunter”

  1. Wilde Child have become a go-to brew­ery in about three beers flat. I see them pret­ty much the way a lot of peo­ple saw Tick­ety­Brew – lots of sil­ly beers, but damn it, they do them well.

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