Wander Beyond Mango Manatee

Mango IPA.

This week’s brewery we’ve never come across before, or at least don’t remember encountering, is Wander Beyond of Manchester, with a mango milkshake IPA.

We found it on tap at our local craft beer empo­ri­um, Bot­tles & Books.

It has 7% ABV and, as you might expect, was opaque. It was also about the same colour as a glass of cheap orange squash, and lost its head the moment we looked at it side­ways.

In con­text, with all those Trop­i­cana juice car­ton sig­nals, the aro­ma was deeply con­fus­ing: was it… it could­n’t be… It was white choco­late.

After a moment, we man­aged to solve this puz­zle – there was vanil­la in the mix. Maybe a touch too much vanil­la, truth be told.

Choco­late car­ried through into the flavour, bring­ing to mind one of those fan­cy filled choco­late bars you find in bou­tique shops in Ger­many, or per­haps a new addi­tion to the unpop­u­lar ‘creme’ sec­tion of the Ros­es tin.

The man­go was there, or at least a more gener­ic fruiti­ness.

We sort of liked it. It was sort of fun.

And nobody buy­ing a beer labelled as man­go milk­shake IPA has any right to com­plain when it tastes like this one.

Wan­der Beyond goes on to the ‘try again’ list.

5 thoughts on “Wander Beyond Mango Manatee”

  1. I think they are bet­ter at stouts than IPA at the moment but def­i­nite­ly a fun brew­ery.

  2. They do some good beers, though that one looks pret­ty ropey! Brew­er is broth­er of the cur­rent Mar­ble brew­er, I believe.

  3. I’m a big fan of Wan­der Beyond – they make some huge­ly enter­tain­ing (and alco­holic) beers although they are per­haps rather too fond of lac­tose.

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