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Wander Beyond Mango Manatee

This week’s brewery we’ve never come across before, or at least don’t remember encountering, is Wander Beyond of Manchester, with a mango milkshake IPA.

We found it on tap at our local craft beer emporium, Bottles & Books.

It has 7% ABV and, as you might expect, was opaque. It was also about the same colour as a glass of cheap orange squash, and lost its head the moment we looked at it sideways.

In context, with all those Tropicana juice carton signals, the aroma was deeply confusing: was it… it couldn’t be… It was white chocolate.

After a moment, we managed to solve this puzzle – there was vanilla in the mix. Maybe a touch too much vanilla, truth be told.

Chocolate carried through into the flavour, bringing to mind one of those fancy filled chocolate bars you find in boutique shops in Germany, or perhaps a new addition to the unpopular ‘creme’ section of the Roses tin.

The mango was there, or at least a more generic fruitiness.

We sort of liked it. It was sort of fun.

And nobody buying a beer labelled as mango milkshake IPA has any right to complain when it tastes like this one.

Wander Beyond goes on to the ‘try again’ list.

5 replies on “Wander Beyond Mango Manatee”

I think they are better at stouts than IPA at the moment but definitely a fun brewery.

They do some good beers, though that one looks pretty ropey! Brewer is brother of the current Marble brewer, I believe.

I’m a big fan of Wander Beyond – they make some hugely entertaining (and alcoholic) beers although they are perhaps rather too fond of lactose.

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