News, nuggets and longreads 29 June 2019: brands, stats, Eurostar

Hmm. A short round-up this week, it seems, as not much has really grabbed our attention.

1. BrewDog has been declared one of the 25 most valuable beer brands in the world, ranking above Carlsberg, by Brand Finance. This feels significant.

2. We’ve just heard about Lab Culture, a West Midlands brewery powered by the waste heat from the lights used in a vertical farming operation. This feels futuristic.

3. A new briefing paper from the library of the House of Commons includes lots of statistics on pub numbers, pubs per head, employment in pubs and so on. (Link to PDF; via @ThurnellReadSoc.)

4. There was a brief panic among beer geeks when it seemed as if Eurostar had set a limit on the amount of beer it was permissible to carry on cross-channel trains; Eurostar has since clarified that the rule isn’t as draconian in practice as it sounded on paper.

We’ll finish this with a Tweet: