Everything we wrote in June 2019

Despite a ten-day holiday at the start of the month we managed to write a little more in June than in May. Or, rather, to find time to type up some of the things we’ve got on the big list of stuff to blog about.

We start­ed the month with a reflec­tion on the unwrit­ten rules of round-buy­ing which seemed to sneak out­side of the bub­ble and got shared by a few peo­ple who aren’t beer geeks but are, pre­sum­ably, inter­est­ed in how Britain works.

Next, Ray went solo with some thoughts on The Win­ches­ter, the pub from the 2004 zom­bie com­e­dy Shaun of the Dead:

It has an added res­o­nance for me in that, for sev­er­al years in my own flat-shar­ing twen­ties, I lived around the cor­ner from The Win­ches­ter… And, to be clear, I don’t mean that I lived near a pub that was like The Win­ches­ter: the actu­al pub you actu­al­ly see in the actu­al film was about four min­utes walk from my house in New Cross, South Lon­don.

We found some­thing to arrest our atten­tion in a 1960s post­card of a town in York­shire. Can you spot what?

Mean­while, over on our Patre­on feed, we gave a blow-by-blow account of our hol­i­day, typ­ing up our half-formed thoughts on the beer and pubs of Glas­gow, Fort William, Edin­burgh and there­abouts. Then, when we got home…

One of the most sub­stan­tial posts of the month was this attempt to pull togeth­er our thoughts on beer and pubs in Glas­gow, a city that of course we did­n’t get to know in five days. Still, it did­n’t seem to make any­body mad, so we can’t have done too bad­ly.

At this point, we’ll men­tion our biggest Tweet of the month:

Then we took a brief pause from think­ing about Scot­land to think about the J.D. Wether­spoon chain and its ever-more cen­tral place in British cul­ture – the default place for all kinds of meet­ings, busi­ness and time-killing that used to hap­pen in parks, cafes and libraries.

Our vis­it to Edin­burgh was brief but intense: we vis­it­ed two pubs, gaw­ped at a few oth­ers, and left feel­ing ill equipped to draw any­thing like a con­clu­sion. The more inter­est­ing part of this post, per­haps, is that it gave us an oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­fess that the days of exhaust­ing hol­i­day com­pletism are behind us:

Shame you didn’t make it to…” Well, here’s the thing: we’re at peace with the idea that we can’t get to every pub in every city on every vis­it… Cram­ming ten pubs into a sin­gle day just isn’t much fun for us any­more; we’d rather than spend two hours in one pub and three in anoth­er than just 20 min­utes each in every stop on a crawl.

We took Ray’s par­ents on a craft beer crawl and, to our sur­prise, they loved it. That taught us a les­son: don’t assume you know what peo­ple will like based on their age or pre­vi­ous taste.

Tennent's Lager: pint, sign, keg font.

Back to Scot­land: we liked Ten­nen­t’s. We did­n’t love it, we don’t think it’s the finest beer ever brewed, but we liked it. And we like lik­ing beers.

We also put togeth­er our usu­al round-ups of news and links each Sat­ur­day:

And as well as our notes on Scot­land, Patre­on sub­scribers also got a bit of pub life, notes on our favourite beers of the past cou­ple of week­ends and (if they’re pay­ing $5+ per month) a new eBook, One for the Road, pulling togeth­er some of our writ­ing on pubs that did­n’t appear in Balmy Nec­tar.

We also kept busy on Insta­gram:

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