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Cover and spread.

As you may know, for some years now we have been emitting occasional Tweets @brouwervanklomp. Now, we’ve taken the best of them, honed them and added exclusive new material  to create Pierre van Klomp Says, “No.”

We guess it’s what you’d call a zine – a 24-page A5 mini-book which we designed our­selves and had prop­er­ly print­ed on rather nice shiny paper.

It was inspired part­ly by the pop-art style of Mar­shall McLuhan’s The Medi­um is the Mas­sage but most­ly by PVK’s own obtuse, melan­choly wis­dom.

In putting togeth­er, we also tried to pro­vide a bit of a plot arc, from birth to death.

You can read a bit more about the back­ground to all this here:

Writ­ing each Tweet takes maybe 10 min­utes – it’s hard to squeeze in some­thing ‘pro­found’, a joke, and get the voice right all in 140 char­ac­ters. We read them aloud to each oth­er (doing a gruff old Bel­gian voice, obvi­ous­ly) sev­er­al times to check they work before post­ing… You know how it is – the ones we’re proud­est of and think are real­ly hilar­i­ous get no atten­tion at all, while the ones we knock off on the bus earn plau­dits. ‘No clue who this guy is,’ one esteemed beer com­men­ta­tor wrote, ‘but I think I’m in love with him.’

The new zine was pri­mar­i­ly con­ceived as a bonus for our Patre­on sub­scribers but even giv­ing each of them a copy means we have a few left to sell.

If you’d like a copy for your home, brew­ery or pub, it’s £3.00 includ­ing UK deliv­ery. Email us via to sort out pay­ment and let us know where you’d like it post­ed.

"Good morning? No."

Alter­na­tive­ly, drop us a line if you hap­pen to be vis­it­ing the Drap­ers Arms in Bris­tol. If we’re not already there, we can always pop round with a copy.

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