Lost & Grounded Helles: essential lagerness

Lost & Grounded, one of our local Bristol breweries, has launched a Munich style pale lager and it’s very good.

Its previous flagship pale lager, Keller Pils, while it’s been up and down over the years, has settled into a groove in recent months and has become a staple for us. It is also popular among craft beer drinkers.

But perhaps it lacked the qualities needed to get it over the line into mainstream success.

Think about Camden Hells – a hit because it looked and tasted like a slightly crisper version of ‘normal’ lager, with better branding.

Keller Pils, on the other hand, is often a touch hazy and more grain-sweet and flowery than hop-bitter. It has a weight you don’t get in, say, Carling, which washes over the tongue in a rush of bubbles.

L&G Helles seems to solve those, if you like, problems.

Perfectly clear, perfectly balanced, perfectly satisfying and light as a spring breeze. The kind of beer you can drink without having to don your velvet beer tasting jacket.

It’s going to be a hit. It’s going to end up on lots of bars, and in restaurants. It’s one to order by the slab, albeit with a slight premium. It’s solid commercial gold.

We bought 12 440ml cans for £33.95 with free Bristol delivery.

2 replies on “Lost & Grounded Helles: essential lagerness”

Interesting, makes me want to try it. I’m all for a “normal” lager that isn’t riddled with objective brewing faults – there aren’t many of them.

I’ve got a can of this beer sitting in my fridge. Going to give it a go on Friday I think, and compare alongside by ‘homebrew’ pils.

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