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Thornbridge Jaipur has still got it

For a beer with a national profile Thornbridge Jaipur can be surprisingly hard to find on draught. That’s a shame because it’s still wonderful.

We came across it at The Old Fish Market in Bristol last night, a Fuller’s pub which often has one or two guest beers from larger independents.

It’s a funny pub, the OFM. On the one hand, it’s the closest in feel we’ve got to something you’d find in the City of London or Westminster. That is, a bit soulless, and a bit shiny. It also has London-style pricing – five a pint territory.

On the other hand, being fond of Fuller’s ale, it’s great to be able to get a pint of ESB whenever we want one. It’s also in reliably good condition and nicely presented.

Accordingly, Jaipur was about as good as we’ve ever had it. Pale gold with a firm white head, it had all the contained vibrancy you want in a great pint of cask ale. That is, steady on the surface, but electric on the palate.

The particular noughties C-hop character feels almost nostalgic now. Traditional. It’s hard to believe how startling it seemed more than a decade ago. But, still, peach and orange and pine – what’s not to like?

We couldn’t even object to paying £5.15 a pint, especially as, at 5.9%, it’s not a beer that encourages a long session.

There should be a pub in every town that always has it on.

Or a way to find out where it’s on, when it’s on.

Or maybe we should move to Sheffield and be done.

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“Or a way to find out where it’s on, when it’s on.”
I believe Untappd have shut their API down or restricted its use, but there must be a way of extracting the data of new checkins for a beer and filtering it geographically and excluding cans/bottles at home.

A since closed down website, BarDiff, used to do this for real-time most popular pubs/beers in Cardiff using Untappd API.

They had a cask of Jaipur on at the weekend in The Star, Glossop. Excellent quality. Was put on at opening on Friday & ran out early Sunday evening.

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