Be as into beer as you need to be

How interested should you be in beer? As interested as you want to be, as long as it makes life more enjoyable.

That could mean not at all.

If being fussy or analytical about beer makes you enjoy life less, then don’t do it.

Drink what you like, where you like.

You’re not doing it ‘wrong’ or missing out.

Equally, you might find, as we have, that being slightly obsessive makes the world more fun.

It’s an optional downloadable add-on that gives us a new way to look at and explore places.

A good pub or brewery tap can turn a dead end into a destination.

With beer in mind, a few spare hours between appointments can become a mission, and a pleasure.

Decisions make themselves. Options grey themselves out.

Which way to go?

That way, towards the beer.

Talking about beer beats talking about the weather, or football, or wallowing in the grim state of politics.

Or, at least, it’s a way of cutting the grim state of politics into digestible pieces.

We can’t change the world but we might be able to nudge things along in our own small corner of it.

If you’re not interested in beer, or have fallen out of love with it, don’t fret.

There’ll be something else along soon enough – birdwatching or woodwork or embroidery or…

If you’re lucky, that is. These harmless obsessions are a blessing, for most of us.

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