Kerstbiers at the Poechenellekelder

We’ve just got back from a week away in Germany. On the way out, we spent a night in Brussels checking into our hotel not long before 10.30 pm on a rainy Tuesday night. That gave us just enough time to dash to our favourite pub, the Poechenellekelder, to try a few items from their … Continue reading “Kerstbiers at the Poechenellekelder”

A Tale of Three Pours

There’s a certain ceremony to the way beer is poured in Belgium, except when there isn’t, and no two waiters have quite the same technique. At the legendary Poechenellekelder in central Brussels, opposite the statue of the wee boy, we watched a clownishly expressive waiter turn the pouring of a beer into performative professionalism. He popped … Continue reading “A Tale of Three Pours”

London: the international scene

One of the great things about London is the fact you can borrow drinking experiences from just about anywhere. We’ve enjoyed taking part in tapas crawls, albeit with a bit more of a walk between stops than we’re used to from Madrid or Seville. If you want an authentic German beer garden (industrial sausages and … Continue reading “London: the international scene”