London: the international scene

One of the great things about London is the fact you can borrow drinking experiences from just about anywhere. We’ve enjoyed taking part in tapas crawls, albeit with a bit more of a walk between stops than we’re used to from Madrid or Seville. If you want an authentic German beer garden (industrial sausages and […]

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Defying the English weather

As everyone knows, the weather in England is rubbish. Even when it’s sunny, you can be fairly sure there will be a shower just as you’ve set up your picnic. In May, we were faced with a long bank holiday weekend where the rain didn’t stop in London, but we decided to ignore it and […]

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In search of the authentic tapas bar experience: (1) North West London

En espanol We tend to go to Spain around this time each year. However, due to starting new jobs etc we haven’t been able to plan anything, and so we started thinking about how to replicate some of the best Spanish experiences in London. In particular, we’re on a mission to identify all of the […]

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Buscando tapas auténticas en Londres (1): El Noroeste

English version Solemos ir a España en el otoño. Por desgracia, debido a nuevos puestos de trabajo, no hemos arreglado nada este año. Como echamos de menos España tanto, hemos empezando a pensar cómo podemos replicar algunas de las mejores experiencias españolas en Londres. En particular, queríamos identificar todos los auténticos bares de tapas en […]