Laver’s Law, Victorian pubs and hazy beer

You start with Victorian pubs and end up pondering hazy IPA and mild – that’s just how this game goes sometimes. One of the things researching pubs has made us think about it is how certain things come in and out of fashion. It’s hard to believe now but that heavy Victorian look people expect […]

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Geoffrey Fletcher on Victorian Pubs, 1962

Geoffrey Fletcher (1923-2004) wrote and illustrated a lot of books – observations of the unglamorous end of London life, from pie shops to street markets. His most famous book is The London Nobody Knows, published in 1962 and the basis of a cult documentary from 1969. We’d previously only read it in libraries but finally […]

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An Extraordinary Gentleman: the Brand New Victorian Pubs of Roddy Gradidge

MAIN IMAGE: The Markham Arms in 1976 © Klaus Hiltscher, used with permission. The architect and interior designer Roderick ‘Roddy’ Gradidge was both a conservative and a wannabe Teddy Boy proto-punk. Though he worked on all kinds of buildings, and wrote several books, he is usually described in short-form as one thing: a pub designer. […]

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A Victorian moans about pubs

From Old London Taverns by Edward Callow (1899): Some fifty to sixty years ago a roughness – but it was a cosy roughness – pervaded, with a few exceptions, the taverns and chop-houses both in the City and West End. This has since given place to a highly decorative style, that does not invariably include […]

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20th Century pubs in 21st Century Bristol

We recently gave a talk to the 20th Century Society about 20th century pubs in Bristol. This blog post is taken from the material that we used. We hardly mention any Bristol pubs in 20th Century Pub, although this wasn’t for lack of trying. In many ways, what happened in Bristol is typical of the […]