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Interruption to your service

Boak is in France. I’m off to join her tomorrow, for three weeks. So, updates might be a bit less frequent than usual.

But don’t despair — we already have a post written for the Session, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for beer-related expeditions and experiments in France and Spain.

And I gather computers and internet connections are now very common on the Continent…


Microbreweries in the south of france?

Boak is on tour in France and Spain. This is the first update from “our foreign correspondent”…

Does anyone know anything about breweries in the south of France?

I’d assumed there wouldn´t be a lot, but in the tourist office in Beziers I noticed an advert for Brasserie d’Oc, between Beziers and Montpellier. Anyone had anything from them? They even offer a brewery tour, so if they´re any good, I´m tempted to take a detour and go and see.

I´m told there are others too, although a quick internet search has not turned up any names or places.

Have I totally misjudged the brewing scene in Languedoc, home of the most militant wine manufacturers in France?