Things you should read

The internet and the blogoshire has been afire with good beer writing in the last week or two. Here are some bits we’ve especially enjoyed.

More posts dreckly

This is just by way of a quick update on what’s going on with us and the blog.

First, the blog’s not dead. If you stick a thermometer in its liver temperature to estimate time of death, it will sit bolt upright and scare the living crap out of you. (Tsk. Bailey will insist on watching CSI — Boak.)

We’re unlikely to ever get back to posting as frequently as we were doing in, say, 2008, but there should be more signs of life now we’re settled in down here in Cornwall.

Secondly, having named a ‘beer of the week’ more or less every week for a year and half, we’re going to retire that little feature. The fact is, in Cornwall, the beer of the week most weeks would probably have to be St Austell Tribute.

Finally, below, you’ll see our last couple of ‘leaving London’ posts. We hope you enjoy them. We certainly enjoyed the experiences that inspired them.

PS. Here’s a quick explanation of ‘dreckly’, our new favourite word.

Brewer's blogs

A good number of brewers are now blogging properly — that is, writing the material themselves, being quite open and generally engaging with their punters. We love it.

We’ve kept an eye on the Thornbridge blog for a while, but are ashamed to say we’ve only just clocked Stuart Howe’s blog, even though it’s been going for yonks; and now there’s Kelham Island’s Brew Girl too.

Now we’d like brewers’ blogs from Dark Star (tantalising glimpses), Crouch Vale, Meantime… it’s easier to set up a blog than a website so they’ve got no excuse!

If we send one person to Unterzaunsbach…

We note there’s been a fair bit of introspection recently in the blogoshire.

A comment on one of our recent posts reminds us of one reason why we do it.

Mike004 doesn’t say in his comment whether he went to Unterzaunsbach because we recommended it, but we do like the fact that, if you Google it, we’re on the first page of results.

Equally, our recent series of posts on Passau may not have set the world on fire in terms of comments, but, before we went on holiday, we struggled find much online to guide us. Hopefully, we’ve done something to help fill that gap and map (sort of) unknown territory for future beer explorers.

Mike004 also pointed out that Peschl stopped brewing in 2008. What on Earth were we drinking if not Peschl? We are confused and would be grateful for any intelligence.

iPod/iPhone: handy on holiday

We interrupt our series of posts on the breweries of Passau for this announcement.

If you’ve got an iPod Touch or iPhone, we can’t recommend highly enough the excellent foreign language dictionaries available as apps from Ultralingua. The German-English dictionary is very comprehensive and helped us decipher several complicated menus in pubs and restaurants on our recent trip.

The beer specific apps aren’t always the most essential for beer geeks, it turns out.