It’s our birthday!

We began this blog a year ago today.

We were home­ward bound from Bavaria, hav­ing just had a cou­ple of weeks trav­el­ling round and pick­ling our liv­ers. Bai­ley had the ini­tial idea, and we spent the long train jour­ney home think­ing of ideas. We had no idea there were already so many great beer blogs out there already, and we’re dead chuffed that we’ve found our own lit­tle place in the blo­gos­phere. I cer­tain­ly would­n’t have believed that we’d be aver­ag­ing more than a hun­dred unique vis­i­tors a day by this point.

We had a bit of a hia­tus with Google Ana­lyt­ics, so it’s only been work­ing again for the last month. How­ev­er, there’s enough info to reveal some bizarre search­es. Some we par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed were;

  • boak and bai­ley rail­ways” – 22 TIMES – do we look like trainspot­ters?
  • buy adelscott UK” – no, don’t! It’s rank!
  • des­per­a­dos stock­ists”- I’m sure both of these peo­ple would have loved our less than flat­ter­ing review of the stuff
  • how much was a pint of beer in 1958” – no idea, sor­ry, any­one want to answer in case they come back?
  • bai­ley gui­tar hero” – so they’ve met him…?
  • lim­it­ed edi­tion shire hors­es” – one of the many excit­ing gifts you can buy from our forth­com­ing sou­venir page
  • beer mod­el­ling jobs” – Stonch – fan­cy help­ing out any beer obsessed mod­els?
  • fun­ny shaped bread rolls” – these inter­net per­verts make us sick.
  • scream­ing mon­key” – at last, one we can help with.
  • coun­ter­feit corian­der seed” – shush – not in front of every­one. Meet us out­side lat­er and we’ll see if we can sort you out.

You get the pic­ture.