News, Nuggets & Longreads 16 June 2018: Football, Motorbikes, Public Toilets

Here’s everything about beer and pubs that grabbed our attention in the past week, from Russia to New York City.

This is a local sto­ry for us: for Bris­tol Cable Maff Tuck­er writes about The Ban­jo, as the coun­cil estate at Cad­bury Heath in east Bris­tol is affec­tion­ate­ly known, and the pub around which life there is cen­tred:

There’s a wall of pic­tures in the Lamb that remem­bers the reg­u­lars that have passed away. Les points at a framed bik­ers jack­et: “Jamie Eng­land, he was aban­doned when he was a kid, his nan took him in and brought him up, along with me and my broth­ers and sis­ters because our dad worked days and our mum worked nights.”

Plastic footballs.

At Lady Sinks the Booze Kirst Walk­er offers advice for dis­cern­ing beer drinkers on how to go about watch­ing the World Cup, which is now under­way:

30 min­utes before kick-off – get two drinks

At 38 min­utes, get two drinks (stud­ies** have shown that most peo­ple will attempt to avoid the half time rush at 40 min­utes, by which time you’re already at the bar like a genius).

If you need a fur­ther drink before 90 min­utes, or if there may be sig­nif­i­cant extra time because Gary Cahill has straight up mur­dered some­one, the time to go is on 67 min­utes when sta­tis­ti­cal­ly a goal is unlike­ly to be scored.

Relat­ed: this seems like a good time to remind every­one of the exis­tence of the craft beer and foot­ball map at Beer Fron­tiers which lists pubs with inter­est­ing beer that also have TVs. It’s also worth not­ing that some chains (Brew­Dog, Craft Beer Co) that don’t nor­mal­ly show foot­ball are mak­ing an excep­tion for the World Cup.

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