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We write under the names Jes­si­ca Boak and Ray Bai­ley, and live in Bris­tol. We use pen names because when we start­ed blog­ging, we worked in jobs where it was­n’t encour­aged, but now we’ve just got to like them. (Our real names are Slack and New­man respec­tive­ly, in case you’re inter­est­ed.) We’ve been blog­ging about beer since 2007. Our first book, Brew Bri­tan­nia: the strange rebirth of British beer, came out in 2014 and our new one, 20th Cen­tu­ry Pub, is due in summer/autumn 2017.

Dar­ren Nor­bury actu­al­ly inter­viewed us, if you still want to know more.

Who does what?

  • We man­age the blog and Twit­ter account joint­ly, although, at the moment, Boak tends not to do any­thing blog-relat­ed dur­ing work­ing hours.
  • There have been times in the past when one or othe oth­er of us has been more involved while the oth­er was busy at work, or just a bit bored of beer. In 2010, we had our first wob­ble when we were both a bit dis­en­gaged at the same time, which meant the blog took a short hia­tus.
  • We dis­cuss what we’ll be blog­ging about at break­fast, din­ner and (more usu­al­ly) in the pub. We both write posts and review each oth­er’s work, which is how (we hope) we’ve achieved a fair­ly con­sis­tent ‘voice’.
  • On the rare occa­sions we don’t have a ‘cor­po­rate’ view, we pro­vide indi­vid­ual bylines so you know that whether it’s Boak or Bai­ley talk­ing.

10 thoughts on “Contacts and About”

  1. Greet­ing from USA. You say you like to trav­el, have you ever con­sid­ered try­ing the US beer scene?

    I’ve been liv­ing in US for about 18 months now (orig­i­nal­ly from UK, then via parts of Europe, and final­ly Prague); this place is just awash with fab­u­lous beers a minute sam­ple of which I have attempt­ed to write about. The Porter and Stouts are quite stun­ning and almost every brew­ery attempts an IPA, some quite suc­cess­ful­ly.
    Enjoy­ing your adven­tures.

  2. David – yes, it’s on the agen­da, but prob­a­bly not for a few years, for var­i­ous rea­sons. We do enjoy Amer­i­can beer a lot when it turns up in the UK.

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  4. I appre­ci­ate that you, blog­gers, don’t mind head on a pint. In my response to the Euston Tap I was respond­ing to a fel­low poster.

  5. Love your atti­tude to Beer, par­tic­u­lar­ly your opin­ions on the big brew­ers. Just start­ed a Real Ale blog myself, i’ll be look­ing at yours for some inspi­ra­tion … but no pla­gia­ris­ing, promise!
    Shall cer­tain­ly add you as a link too
    Well done, by the way

  6. Love your blog. I was slight­ly star­tled (in a nice way) when I saw a ref­er­ence to the Drift­wood Spars – it must be 35 years since I went there – as I had Corn­wall on my mind while look­ing at your site, down­ing a bot­tle of “Chalky’s Bite”

  7. Just like say I enjoyed your arti­cle on the Dive Bar in South­wark London,Rebecca Wil­leter was my grand­moth­er I nev­er actu­al­ly met her but my father ran the Gold­en Lion pub in Cater­ham with his father dur­ing the 2 nd world war . I did vis­it the dive bar once but nev­er let on who I was , for per­son­al rea­sons. I nev­er new what hap­pened to Rebec­ca so it was inter­est­ing to read your arti­cle, by the way she was always known as Rosie by my father and grand­fa­ther
    R Wil­leter
    West Sus­sex

  8. I decend from George Shum MP , part­ner in Alder­man Combe’s brew­house in the late 18th cen­tu­ry . I love his­to­ry and research­ing my ances­tors and do hope you have new infor­ma­tion for me ! Regards .

    1. Mar­tin – there is quite a bit about the Shum’s in The Red Bar­rel, a his­to­ry of Wat­ney’s, by Hur­ford Janes, which you can pick up quite cheap­ly on Ama­zon or Abe­books.

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