Magazines and Books Wanted

We’re interested in buying copies of the following magazine:


  • The Campaign for Real Ale’s newsletter/newspaper What’s Brewing from the mid-1970s (we have a complete set from 1977-1997)
  • The Grist, published by SIBA in the 1980s and 90s.
  • Watney’s in-house magazine The Red Barrel
  • Truman’s in-house magazine The Black Eagle
  • Whitbread’s imaginatively named in-house magazine The Whitbread Magazine or the earlier House of Whitbread
  • and any other in-house publications from UK brewers from before, say, 1999.

As for books…

  • We have borrowed copies of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide from 1974 and 1975 but would love to have our own. We can’t afford copies in good condition (have you seen the prices they go for?) but will happily buy tatty ones, as long as the pages are all there and the text is legible.
  • We’re also in the market for local beer and pub guides from the nineteen-seventies and eighties for, e.g., Leeds or London.

Email us at if you think you can help.

We should add that, though we’re happy to pay a fair price, donations in the name of science are also very welcome.

4 replies on “Magazines and Books Wanted”

In store at my previous brewery that I worked at (Kirkstall Brewery ,Leeds),I am fairly sure that there are a number of SIBA Grist magazines.If they are of interest then I could call in an unearth them and provide more details
Best Wishes
David Sanders
Saltaire Brewery, West Yorkshire

We’re in touch with some people there — we’ll drop them a line. Thanks for the tip!

The magazines were part of my own stuff still stored at Kirkstall when I left.One of the brewers has confirmed there are about 20 copies of the Grist still there.Would you be willing to swop them for a copy of your new book? If so ,let me know and I will forward you my details
Best Wishes
David Sanders