Magazines and Books Wanted

We’re interested in buying copies of the following magazine:


  • The Cam­paign for Real Ale’s newsletter/newspaper What’s Brew­ing from the mid-1970s (we have a com­plete set from 1977–1997)
  • The Grist, pub­lished by SIBA in the 1980s and 90s.
  • Wat­ney’s in-house mag­a­zine The Red Bar­rel
  • Tru­man’s in-house mag­a­zine The Black Eagle
  • Whit­bread­’s imag­i­na­tive­ly named in-house mag­a­zine The Whit­bread Mag­a­zine or the ear­li­er House of Whit­bread
  • and any oth­er in-house pub­li­ca­tions from UK brew­ers from before, say, 1999.

As for books…

  • We have bor­rowed copies of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide from 1974 and 1975 but would love to have our own. We can’t afford copies in good con­di­tion (have you seen the prices they go for?) but will hap­pi­ly buy tat­ty ones, as long as the pages are all there and the text is leg­i­ble.
  • We’re also in the mar­ket for local beer and pub guides from the nine­teen-sev­en­ties and eight­ies for, e.g., Leeds or Lon­don.

Email us at if you think you can help.

We should add that, though we’re hap­py to pay a fair price, dona­tions in the name of sci­ence are also very wel­come.

4 thoughts on “Magazines and Books Wanted”

  1. In store at my pre­vi­ous brew­ery that I worked at (Kirk­stall Brew­ery ‚Leeds),I am fair­ly sure that there are a num­ber of SIBA Grist magazines.If they are of inter­est then I could call in an unearth them and pro­vide more details
    Best Wish­es
    David Sanders
    Saltaire Brew­ery, West York­shire

    1. We’re in touch with some peo­ple there – we’ll drop them a line. Thanks for the tip!

      1. The mag­a­zines were part of my own stuff still stored at Kirk­stall when I left.One of the brew­ers has con­firmed there are about 20 copies of the Grist still there.Would you be will­ing to swop them for a copy of your new book? If so ‚let me know and I will for­ward you my details
        Best Wish­es
        David Sanders

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