Keeping a head on your pint – here comes the science

Sci­en­tists have car­ried out research into how a pint keeps (or los­es) its head (BBC News Online). One of the sci­en­tists involves spec­u­lates that the long-last­ing creamy head on Guin­ness might be the result of “a lit­tle sur­fac­tant”. Eugh.

Ochsenfurter Kauzen

The arti­cle also asserts that “the foam on a pint of lager quick­ly dis­ap­pears”. Well, per­haps on a pint of Fos­ters in a dirty glass, but the head on a glass of lager in Ger­many sticks around for quite some time. And they’re not using “sur­fac­tant” – the sin­is­ter and secre­tive arbiters of the Ger­man Beer Puri­ty Law wouldn’t stand for it.