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We’ve got a range of more substantial reading, as the cliche goes, ‘to suit every pocket’.

Detail from the cover of 'Back of a Beer Mat'.

Back of a Beer Mat

This e-book is available FREE via Smashwords featuring the best of the blog from that last few years reformatted and edited for e-readers. It also contains an exclusive new introduction on why over-thinking beer isn’t so bad, and several articles previously only published on other websites and in magazines.


The Good, The Bad & The Murky -- cover image -- a can of craft beer.

The Good, the Bad & the Murky

Another FREE e-book via Smashwords, this essay/article covers developments in British beer since Brew Britannia came out, including London murky, craft cans, micropubs and other hot topics. It’s based on new interviews, lots of snooping, with a liberal saucing of guesswork and opinion.

Detail from the cover of Gambrinus Waltz.

Gambrinus Waltz

This short e-book is available exclusively for Amazon Kindle for £2.00 — the fruits of a year’s research for less than the price of a Cornish pasty. It tells the story of London’s first lager beer boom between 1868 and 1914. It has a cast of eccentric Germans, tales of espionage, and pen portraits of long-gone watering holes from the seedy Strand to the glitter of Piccadilly Circus.

  • “…well written… superbly researched…” — Tim Holt, Journal of the Brewery History Society
  • “An excellent e-book” — Martyn Cornell

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Front cover of Brew Britannia.

Brew Britannia: the strange rebirth of British beer

Then, of course, there’s our baby, of which we’re very proud. It tells the story of how Britain got from Watney’s to BrewDog, via CAMRA, in the space of 40 years. It won us a couple of awards, got us nominated for another, and people have said some very nice things about it. As of July 2017 a new edition is available — smaller format, cheaper (RRP £8.99), with corrections but not updates. It’s available as an e-book (around £6-10) or paperback (£9-13) from the following places, among many others:

Amazon.co.uk (UK) | Amazon.com (US) | Blackwell’s | StanfordsWaterstones |  Amazon Kindle Apple iBook | Kobo | direct from Quarto


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