BB: Outstanding Questions

The book is done and dust­ed but, for future blog posts and arti­cles, we’d still like answers to the ques­tions below, so do still get in touch if you can help..

  • We real­ly, real­ly want to find a copy of Nicholas (Nick) Red­man’s 48 page book­let recount­ing the his­to­ry of SIBA. We’re will­ing to pay, or to swap, e.g., some dupli­cate vin­tage copies of the Good Beer Guide we’ve col­lect­ed. Got one!
  • Does any­one remem­ber a pub called the Brahms & Liszt on East Parade in Leeds? It was owned, we under­stand, by a group of Leeds Unit­ed play­ers.  MYSTERY SOLVED!
  • Did you drink at the Bar­ley Mow in St Albans from 1976–1980? Did you know John and Bet­ty Black­well? Are you a friend or rel­a­tive of theirs? (We’ve spo­ken to local CAMRA mem­bers who know them, but more infor­ma­tion would be great.)
  • We’d love to get in touch with any friends of rel­a­tives of Arthur Mil­lard, first Pres­i­dent of the Soci­ety for the Preser­va­tion of Beers from the Wood. He lived in Sur­rey (Epsom), and had con­nec­tions with Rich­mond. He worked at the Bank of Eng­land for almost forty years. We under­stand from his obit­u­ary that he had a daugh­ter and grand­chil­dren.
  • The oth­er founders of the SPBW are a bit of a mys­tery. We have their names, but that’s all: Dougie Cham­ber­lain, Boyes Lee, Ger­ry Smith, Pen­ri Thomas, John Gore and John Kee­ble. (UPDATE 27/07/2013: We’re now in touch with John Kee­ble!) Any friends or rel­a­tives who might have sto­ries or infor­ma­tion to share, please get in touch.
  • What­ev­er became of Patrick Fitz­patrick who found­ed God­son’s brew­ery in East Lon­don (Clap­ton, then Bow) in 1977? Did you know him or any­one else involved with that brew­ery? MYSTERY SOLVED!
  • Is any­one in touch with Mar­tin Sykes or Basil Sav­age of the Sel­by Brew­ery? UPDATEwe’re now in con­tact with Mar­tin Sykes.
  • Paul Ley­ton ran the Min­er’s Arms in Prid­dy, where brew­ing began in 1973. We think Julian Ley­ton, who wrote an obit­u­ary in the Inde­pen­dent, is his son. Does any­one know or have con­tact details for Julian Ley­ton? We’re now in touch with Julian Ley­ton.
  • Did you drink at Beck­y’s Dive Bar in South­wark in the 1970s? Did you know Rebec­ca ‘Becky’ Wil­leter before or after her time at the Dive?
  • We’d love to track down Grant W. Cor­by who took the pho­tos of Beck­y’s Dive Bar Bri­an Schwartz pro­vid­ed for our blog post. They’re fan­tas­tic pic­tures but we would­n’t want to use them with­out his per­mis­sion.
  • We’re inter­est­ed in read­ing per­son­al tast­ing notes for beers from Mash & Air (Man­ches­ter, 1996–2000), the Sel­by Brew­ery, the Litch­bor­ough Brew­ery, the Firkin chain, and any oth­er sig­nif­i­cant brew­eries 1963–2013.
  • Do you have pho­tos of the inte­ri­ors of Firkin pubs from the 1980s, before they were sold to Allied? We’re espe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in see­ing pic­tures of the Goose & Firkin, Bor­ough Road. We would­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly want to repro­duce them, just to see them.

11 thoughts on “BB: Outstanding Questions”

  1. Dear Boak and Bai­ley

    I am writ­ing in rela­tion to Beck­y’s Dive bar. I had the plea­sure? of vis­it­ing this leg­endary estab­lish­ment twice dur­ing the mid 1970’s; once in the sum­mer of 1974 and then again a year lat­er. Both vis­its were quite mem­o­rable, shall we say!

    I was only 19 at the time of my first vis­it (I’m 57 now, but we won’t go into that!), and can’t say for cer­tain that Becky her­self was behind the bar, but I’ve a strong feel­ing she was.

    What I do have is a short (one page) arti­cle I wrote back in the 90’s, about the Dive Bar. It formed part of a series of arti­cles I pro­duced at the time which were going to form a book about ny ear­ly drink­ing expe­ri­ences.

    I would be more than hap­py to for­ward the arti­cle on to you, and for you to use it in your book. I can either copy and paste it into this com­ment box, or I can for­ward it to you as a Word Arti­cle, if you want to send me your e‑mail address. Please let me know how you wish to pro­ceed.

    I have been enjoy­ing your post­ings about the 70’s and the ear­ly days of CAMRA, espe­cial­ly as I have been a mem­ber of the cam­paign since 1974.

    Best Wish­es

    Paul Bai­ley

    1. Paul – we’ll email you! Suf­fice to say, we are *very* inter­est­ed to talk to you about this and to read your arti­cle.

      1. Mar­tin – we can’t view that doc­u­ment, I’m afraid.

        The book’s (almost) out now and Pen­rhos gets a good men­tion, not least because of its role in the re-intro­duc­tion of porter. If there’s any­thing you’d like to share with us, we’d still be inter­est­ed to see it for the pur­pose of fol­low-up blog posts. We’re if you want to email us.

  2. I occa­sion­al­ly drank at Beck­y’s Dive Bar in the 70’s and have a vague rec­ol­lec­tion of her sell­ing, besides the many beers, some­thing called Scrumpy Wine – a lethal­ly strong type of cider. I remem­ber sit­ting on the cas­es of beer, and vivid­ly remem­ber the dou­bly sub­ter­ranean Gents. I don’t remem­ber ever eat­ing a sand­wich there, but I do remem­ber the cat sit­ting on them. Which is prob­a­bly why I nev­er ate one.

  3. You say “Paul Ley­ton ran the Miner’s Arms in Prid­dy, where brew­ing began in 1973. We think Julian Ley­ton, who wrote an obit­u­ary in the Inde­pen­dent, is his son. Does any­one know or have con­tact details for Julian Ley­ton?”

    Well, the answer is ‘yes’. I am that Julian Ley­ton but not being par­tic­u­lar­ly com­put­er savvy I can­not see how to con­tact you.

    If you’re still inter­est­ed you can email me at:

  4. I had a few Mash & Air beers at a din­ner there from work. The only one I remem­ber is the last, which was a (draught) abbey-style dubbel & came with big flakes of yeast bob­bing about in it. It tast­ed half-cooked, basi­cal­ly – rich, com­plex & so on, but a bit too much going on & a def­i­nite sense that drink­ing it was­n’t going to be good for you.

    (The dubbel was­n’t the only cul­prit, but I was sick that night. In fact I was sick in my sleep, & things could have gone quite bad­ly if my wife had­n’t wok­en up, realised what was going on and got me out of the bed. And we’re still mar­ried, remark­ably enough.)

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