Weltenburger Kloster

weltenburger_bottle.jpgFan­tas­tic news, which I some­how missed last month: Wel­tenburg­er Kloster beer now has a dis­trib­u­tor in the UK, accord­ing the Tom Can­na­van over at Beer Pages.

Weltenburger’s beers were some of the most con­sis­tent­ly inter­est­ing and excel­lent we tast­ed on our recent trip to Bavaria. The Asam Bock real­ly is as good as Tom says, although I was even more excit­ed at the typo on the menu which sug­gest­ed a dou­ble bock with tea (“Assam Bock”). A future brew­ing exper­i­ment…?

The Barock Dunkel, too, is very dif­fer­ent to many oth­er Ger­man dark beers, and real­ly seems to earn the “dark” title.

Nice pubs near stations #1: Victoria Station, London

UPDATE APRIL 2012: These days, if you’re at Vic­to­ria, you’re fif­teen min­utes’ walk from Cask, arguably London’s best pub.

I thought it would be good to start col­lect­ing infor­ma­tion about nice pubs near sta­tions. There’s noth­ing more frus­trat­ing than hav­ing an hour to kill at a sta­tion and no idea where to head for a decent brew, so I hope this is of some use.

First up, Vic­to­ria Sta­tion, Lon­don. If you only have 20 min­utes or so, your best choice is prob­a­bly the Wether­spoons in the sta­tion itself. Head out­side the sta­tion and it doesn’t look par­tic­u­lar­ly hope­ful. How­ev­er, there are some excel­lent pubs in the vicin­i­ty, if you know where to look.

5 min­utes walk away
This will get you as far as the Jugged Hare on Vaux­hall Bridge Road, an excel­lent Fullers Ale and Pie House. Alter­na­tive­ly, you could head for the Car­di­nal, a Sam Smiths pub near West­min­ster Cathe­dral, but it’s only five min­utes if you know exact­ly where you’re going…

10 min­utes walk away
The Horse and Groom is a charm­ing Shepherd’s Neame pub tucked away in a Bel­gravia Mews. Lis­ten to the locals dis­cuss the price of dia­monds.

15 min­utes walk away
Head down Buck­ing­ham Palace Rd (away from the Palace) and even­tu­al­ly you get to the Ris­ing Sun, a Young’s pub on Ebury Bridge Rd. Last time I went, they did tasty cheap piz­za as well as most of the Young’s range.

Alter­na­tive­ly, head into deep­est Bel­gravia for the Star Tav­ern. This is a great Fullers pub with a decent menu, hid­den behind the Aus­tri­an embassy.

Google Map link to all these pubs.


Was Wellington a fan of IPA?

wellington.jpgOn June 12 1841, The Times ran a sto­ry about how the duke of Welling­ton was greet­ed by the staff and man­age­ment of the famous India pale ale brew­ery at Wap­ping.

On Mon­day last (says a cor­re­spon­dent) dur­ing the aquat­ic pro­ces­sion of the Trin­i­ty Board on the riv­er, the firm of Hodg­son and Abbot, pale ale brew­ers in Wap­ping, adopt­ed a nov­el mode of com­pli­ment­ing the Duke of Welling­ton, Mas­ter of the Trin­i­ty-house, as he passed their premis­es on his way to Dept­ford to be sworn in accord­ing to the annu­al cus­tom for the ensu­ing year. The riv­er frontage was dec­o­rat­ed with flags and ban­ners from the cor­ners of which hung bot­tles of India pale ale.


A Par­ty of Con­ser­v­a­tive gen­tle­men in the draw­ing-room [of the brew­ery]… drank the health of his Grace when the shal­lop in which he was seat­ed was oppo­site the win­dow… in Her­culean glass­es of strong pale ale, each hold­ing a bot­tle and a half, and his grace appeared much pleased with the com­pli­ment, and bowed to the gen­tle­men assem­bled.

Those glass­es sound cool. How strong was the strong ale…?



This adver­tise­ment from 1905 is for beer in stoneware jugs. The dis­trib­u­tors, based in South Tot­ten­ham, Lon­don, promised to deliv­er a min­i­mum of six jugs to your house in their Own Vans. I love that they claim “Ladies pre­fer it”, and that the “med­ical pro­fes­sion” sup­ports it.

I also find myself eager to try their Extra Nour­ish­ing Stout.

Polish Beer Sales Good for SABMiller

ZywiecAccord­ing the BBC News Online, SABMiller’s prof­its are up by 14%. This is part­ly down to healthy sales of Pol­ish lager in the UK.

We haven’t been par­tic­u­lar­ly impressed with Pol­ish lager. But I guess it gives peo­ple the sense of drink­ing some­thing exot­ic – a “world beer” – with­out hav­ing to acco­mo­date any “weird tastes”.