Manchester Jazz Pubs, 1950s

When I lived in Man­ches­ter in the 1950s, the pubs were  burst­ing at the seams on Sat­ur­day evenings as fans got their week­ly ration of jazz… In the Napoleon Inn, you had to ask the land­la­dy to leave off play­ing the drums for a few min­utes so she could go behind the bar and pull you a pint of Chester’s Fight­ing Mild.”

Har­ry Giltrap, CAM­RA’s PINT mag­a­zine, 1982

Refreshing Pale Ale, Delhi, 1857

Lt General Sir Hope Grant GCD

In his diaries, pub­lished posthu­mous­ly in 1894, Gen­er­al Sir James Hope Grant (1808–1875) recalled the siege of Del­hi dur­ing the 1857 ‘Indi­an Mutiny’:

I must here men­tion that dur­ing the ter­ri­bly hot weath­er beer was my great stand-by. In fact, I scarce­ly think I could have exist­ed with­out this balmy nec­tar — it put such vigour and strength into my sad­ly exhaust­ed frame. We were also very for­tu­nate, dur­ing the first three month, in procur­ing an ample sup­ply of Bass and All­sop­p’s best brew, as all the hous­es in the north [of India] sent as much as they could — know­ing the uncer­tain­ty of being able to retain it in the state the coun­try was in. I had as yet no A.D.C., when one day I received a note from Cap­tain the Hon­ourable Richard Cur­zon, who had been mil­i­tary sec­re­tary to Gen­er­al Anson before his death, ask­ing me if I would take young Augus­tus Anson, who had lost his appoint­ment as A.D.C. to his uncle. I at once agreed to do so, and the young gen­tle­man accord­ing­ly came to my tent to intro­duce him­self to me. He was an intel­li­gent, good-look­ing young fel­low, with a look of hon­est deter­mi­na­tion in his coun­te­nance which pleased me great­ly; but as he felt a nat­ur­al dif­fi­dence on his first appear­ance, and looked rather pale and worn out, I pro­ceed­ed to my bed, drew out from under­neath a bot­tle of sparkling beer, and gave him a tum­bler of the deli­cious elixir. He had scarce­ly quaffed it off when the change appeared mar­vel­lous — his dif­fi­dence depart­ed from him, his coun­te­nance bright­ened up with a rosy hue, and a great friend­ship was soon estab­lished between us.”

Pic­ture from The Nation­al Media Muse­um.