Disclosure: Stuff We Got Free or Were Paid For

This is a list of free samples or other interactions which might be seen to influence how we write about the beer and pub industry. Latest additions are at the top.

  • We decid­ed, as of 2015, to stop accept­ing sam­ples. Any that slip through the net are list­ed below as usu­al.
  • From April 2011 until July 2017 Boak worked for a com­pa­ny which owns a pub in Marazion, among var­i­ous oth­er busi­ness con­cerns. She was­n’t involved in run­ning it but, to avoid poten­tial con­flicts of inter­est, we did not write about it or oth­er pubs in the same town.
  • Boak’s lit­tle broth­er works at Tap East, a bar/brewery in East Lon­don.
  • We have writ­ten, and con­tin­ue to write, for the Cam­paign for Real Ale’s BEER mag­a­zine, All About Beer, Beer Advo­cate mag­a­zine and oth­er pub­li­ca­tions, for mon­ey.
  • Aurum Press pub­lished our book Brew Bri­tan­nia. They are part of the Quar­to Group which under var­i­ous imprints pub­lish­es books about beer and home brew­ing.
  • Beer writer Tim Webb is one of the pub­lish­ers of our new book, 20th Cen­tu­ry Pub. The oth­er pub­lish­er, Joan­na Cope­stick, has edit­ed and pub­lished books about beer and pubs for var­i­ous com­pa­nies.

We launched a Patre­on page in May 2017. We’re going to declare here any spon­sors whose sup­port might sug­gest, or even hint at, con­flicts of inter­est, where we are aware of the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion. We’ll also declare them, as and when, in spe­cif­ic blog posts.

  • Chris France who works at Beer Hawk (AB-InBev)
  • Good Beer Hunt­ing (inde­pen­dent but com­pli­cat­ed)
  • Jon Urch who con­sults for Dia­geo.
  • One of the brew­ers at Stroud Brew­ery.
  • When we met him in Bris­tol, Tom Unwin, head brew­er at Sig­na­ture Brew, gave us a can of impe­r­i­al stout from Sig­na­ture and a bot­tle of 1987 Wat­ney’s strong ale.
  • Andy Hamil­ton left a signed copy of the new edi­tion of his book at the Drap­ers for us.
  • Gar­van, land­lord of our local, the Drap­ers Arms, gave us two Amer­i­can beer mag­a­zines left at the pub by a friend.
  • At the Fort­num & Mason Food and Drink Awards in May we had some canapes, a cou­ple of drinks, and received a ‘goody bag’ each con­tain­ing bis­cuits, jam, brown sauce, etc.
  • We were paid to write a piece about Bris­tol for the Man­ches­ter Beer Week web­site.
  • On sep­a­rate occa­sions, one of the land­lords of our local, The Drap­ers Arms, refused to take pay­ment for (a) a pick­led egg (val­ue 50p) and (b) a pack­et of crisps (val­ue £1).
  • Bai­ley helped out beer writer Des de Moor by mak­ing up the num­bers at a beer tast­ing ses­sion. Des paid for the beer (6 bot­tles, shared between 3) and the land­lord of the pub where the tast­ing took place pro­vid­ed a sev­enth.
  • At a shared book launch event at Water­stones, Bris­tol, we had a can of Moor beer each, sup­plied by the author Tim Webb who also co-pub­lished 20th Cen­tu­ry Pub.
  • Through our mem­ber­ship of the British Guild of Beer Writ­ers we received a free copy of the British Beer and Pub Asso­ci­a­tion’s sta­tis­ti­cal hand­book, RRP £54.
  • In Sep­tem­ber we inter­viewed Justin Hawke of Moor Brew­ing and he made Boak a cup of tea. (Look, we promised to dis­close every­thing, right?)
  • On a recent vis­it to the Star Inn Pete Elvin, head brew­er at the Pen­zance Brew­ing Co, bought a pint each for Bai­ley and his Dad.
  • When Bai­ley inter­viewed Pad­dy and Con­nor of Bul­let­proof Brew­ing in Ply­mouth they gave him a glass of Mai­bock to taste. On the same trip the land­la­dy of The Artillery Arms, Stone­house, gave him a vin­tage Char­ring­ton half-pint mug for which he made a £2 RNLI dona­tion.
  • Ed Wray sent us two bot­tles of beer as a gift, for aca­d­e­m­ic inter­est. At the time he worked in the beer indus­try, but not for a brew­ery. (UPDATED 17.10.2017)
  • Ron Pat­tin­son sent us a PDF of his new book, Mac­beth.
  • While con­duct­ing an inter­view at The Roy­al Oak, Bor­ough, the land­lord caught wind of who we were and insist­ed on giv­ing us a pint each on the house.
  • Adnams, which has our address on file, sent us two bot­tles of bour­bon-aged Broad­side with­out ask­ing. We’d have said ‘No thanks’ if there had been an email first.
  • We could­n’t say no when David Bruce absolute­ly insist­ed on send­ing us 12 bot­tles of Firkin Ale (a recre­ation of his orig­i­nal Dog­bolter, we gath­er) from the West Berk­shire Brew­ery.
  • Dina, @msswiggy on Twit­ter, sent us two bot­tles of beer and some bits and pieces as Christ­mas gift.
  • Bar­ry Mas­ter­son, a fel­low blog­ger, sent us a box of his home­made cider and beer and threw in a few bot­tles of com­mer­cial beer as a bonus.
  • Boak acci­den­tal­ly crashed a beer launch event at Tap East while vis­it­ing her broth­er (see above) and was giv­en sev­er­al sam­ples by a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Old Hands Brew­ing (Twick­en­ham Fine Ales).
  • We met Tim Webb in per­son and he gave us a copy of the World Atlas of Beer (2nd edn.) as a gift.
  • Rather than buy it sec­ond­hand from Ama­zon, we asked Christo­pher Rout­ledge if he’d sell us a copy of his 2008 book Cain’s: The Sto­ry of Liv­er­pool in a Pint direct­ly; he sent us one for free, so we made a dona­tion to char­i­ty instead.
  • We took part in judg­ing at CAM­RA’s Great British Beer Fes­ti­val which includ­ed a buf­fet (not a posh one…) and got free tick­ets to the trade ses­sion (at which we bought our own beer and food).
  • In Kent, Mar­tyn Hilli­er of The Butcher’s Arms, Herne, drove Bai­ley to a cou­ple of oth­er microp­ubs. (He paid for his own beer through­out.)
  • Andy Park­er, who runs Elu­sive Brew­ing, came across a pub sell­ing bot­tles of vin­tage Thomas Hardy Ale; he bought one for us and we trans­ferred the cost plus postage and pack­ing. So, not a free­bie, but he still did us a favour.
  • Csa­ba Babak sent us a PDF review copy of his new book Beer Means Busi­ness.
  • Free­dom sent us three bot­tles of their pro­to­type pale ale. (We weren’t expect­ing this and would have said no if they’d con­tact­ed us first; we have now asked to be take off their auto-dis­tri­b­u­tion list.)
  • An anony­mous bene­fac­tor gave us two bot­tles of a clone brew of Wat­ney’s Red Bar­rel. They are not employed by a brew­ery, pub/bar or beer retail­er.
  • We attend­ed the Fort­num & Mason Food and Drink Awards where we had a cou­ple of glass­es of Cham­pagne and some nib­bles and they are pay­ing some of our trav­el expens­es. We won a large ham­per full of F&M food, a bot­tle of cham­pagne and a tro­phy.
  • When we inter­viewed the pro­pri­etors of Crossed Anchors Brew­ing, Exmouth, Devon, we tast­ed sam­ples of their beers and they pro­vid­ed lunch.
  • Guy Shep­pard of Exe Val­ley Brew­ing and SIBA bought us a half each at the Tuck­er’s Malt­ings Beer Fes­ti­val; we bought him a round lat­er. We paid for entry into the first ses­sion we attend­ed (£5 each) but were giv­en free entry to the first hour of the ses­sion that fol­lowed (full cost: £7 each).
  • We were sent a free copy of the pub his­to­ry sup­ple­ment from a recent edi­tion of the Stoke Sen­tinel.
  • We were paid to write a short col­umn on beer blog­ging for Fuller’s brew­ery’s in-house newslet­ter for pub ten­ants.
  • Adnams sent us a bot­tle of Ghost Ship and two bob­ble hats. (They did­n’t ask us before send­ing this pack­age and we weren’t expect­ing it.)
  • Craig Garvie sent us a bot­tle of Good King Hen­ry Spe­cial Reserve to help with an arti­cle we’re writ­ing. He’s not affil­i­at­ed with the brew­ery – this was just a gift.
  • The Brew­ery His­to­ry Soci­ety sent us copies of Devon Pubs and Lon­don Brewed so that we could write reviews for its jour­nal.
  • West Berk­shire Brew­ery sent us a 750ml bot­tle of their 20th anniver­sary beer.
  • When we inter­viewed Peter Elvin (Pen­zance Brew­ing Com­pa­ny) in Novem­ber he gave us a cou­ple of drinks each.
  • Three 330ml bot­tles of beer arrived unex­pect­ed­ly from Free­dom Brew­ery.
  • Brewhive sent us sam­ples of their range of three beers and one cider (6 X 330ml bot­tles); plus a bot­tle open­er.
  • PR peo­ple rep­re­sent­ing Jame­son sent us a sam­ple of their craft-beer-bar­rel-aged Irish whiskey along with a can of Beaver­town Holy Cow­bell India Stout. (In fact, they sent us this pack­age twice by mis­take.)
  • Har­bour Brew­ing sent us three cans of their new Antipodean IPA and a cou­ple of unla­belled bot­tles of bar­ley wine.
  • Mail order beer club Flavourly asked us to try their ser­vice and sent us a case of eight beers, bar snacks, a glass and a bot­tle open­er.
  • Ched­dar Ales sent us a bot­tle of their new Hardrock Pale Ale.
  • CAMRA sent us a copy of the new sec­ond edi­tion of Des de Moor’s Lon­don’s Best Beers & Bars.
  • The Brew­ing, Food & Bev­er­age Indus­try Sup­pli­ers Asso­ci­a­tion (BFBI) sent us a copy of Adri­an Tier­ney-Jones’s book Brew­ing Cham­pi­ons: A His­to­ry of the Inter­na­tion­al Brew­ing Awards.
  • We under­took some paid con­sul­tan­cy for Brew­bank, a start-up beer retail busi­ness.
  • Brew­Dog sent us: 1 bot­tle of Born to Die IPA, 1 bot­tle of Para­dox whisky-aged stout, 1 500ml can of Punk IPA, 1 brand­ed tast­ing glass, some stick­ers, some posters (bizarre), a badge and a load of print­ed mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al.
  • Bavar­i­an brew­ery ‘& Union’ [sic] sent us a bot­tle of their IPA, Fri­day.
  • PR peo­ple rep­re­sent­ed Celia Lager sent us two bot­tles of their dark lager.
  • Burn­ing Sky sent us 2 × 330ml bot­tle of their Sai­son à la Pro­vi­sion for inclu­sion in our taste-off.
  • Mark Lan­dells sent us three bot­tles of Hop Ket­tle Gin­lem­lii for our sai­son-taste-off. (He does­n’t work for the brew­ery – he’s a fan.)
  • Pil­sner Urquell sent us two bot­tles of their flag­ship lager in brand new (old) brown glass.
  • Brew­Dog sent us three bot­tles of their sai­son, Elec­tric India. (Not for our sai­son tast­ing sea­son, as it hap­pens, but that’s how we’ll use them.)
  • The Beer Hawk, an online beer store, sent us four saisons for con­sid­er­a­tion in our lat­est blog series.
  • Adnams sent us two 5‑litre mini-kegs of their col­lab­o­ra­tion with Mag­ic Rock, The Herbal­ist, a hop­py sai­son.
  • We under­took some paid copy­writ­ing work (his­to­ry) for Beer­bods, an online beer sub­scrip­tion ser­vice.
  • Kop­par­berg’s UK PR peo­ple sent us three cans of Fager­hult, their new beer brand. We did­n’t think it was espe­cial­ly notable.
  • Guin­ness’s PR peo­ple sent us four bot­tles of their Brew­ers’ Project Gold­en Ale. We did­n’t like it.
  • Jacqui Small, a sis­ter com­pa­ny of our pub­lish­er Aurum Press, sent us a copy of the new Mikkeller book. (Then sent us a sec­ond copy by mis­take a few days lat­er.)
  • Phil Lowry at Beer Mer­chants popped a cou­ple of rare Gad­d’s Impe­r­i­al Stouts into our most recent order.
  • The own­ers of the Lamp & Whis­tle in Pen­zance saved a crate of emp­ty Orval bot­tles for us.
  • When we vis­it­ed St Austell on 07/02/2015, Roger Ryman bought us a round of beers in the vis­i­tor cen­tre bar.
  • When we vis­it­ed St Austell Brew­ery to inter­view head brew­er Roger Ryman, we were giv­en a cup of tea each; sev­er­al glass­es of Gose from the con­di­tion­ing tank; a half of Prop­er Job each from the sam­ple room; and tast­ed two vin­tage St Austell beers from his own col­lec­tion.


  • Guin­ness (their Lon­don PR firm) sent us four cans of Guin­ness Draught and a Christ­mas pud­ding (!) in a gift bag.
  • Carlsberg/Fleet Street Com­mu­ni­ca­tions unex­pect­ed­ly sent us two bot­tles of Jacob­sen Saaz Blonde Ale to con­grat­u­late us on win­ning the BGBW award.
  • We had a pint with Roger Ryman, head brew­er at St Austell; he bought a round, so did we.
  • Har­bour Brew­ing sent us two bot­tles of their lim­it­ed edi­tion Bor­deaux-bar­rel-aged Dunkel Bock.
  • When we met beer writer Tim Webb he gave us copies of The Pock­et Guide to Beer (2nd Edi­tion) which he co-wrote, the Good Beer Guide to Bel­gium which he co-wrote and co-pub­lished, and Beer in the Nether­lands which he edit­ed and pub­lished.
  • The prizes we won at the British Guild of Beer Writ­ers awards were spon­sored by Mol­son Coors (£1000) and Brains (£500).
  • Bad­ger (Hall & Wood­house) sent us six bot­tles of beer, four of which were in a Christ­mas gift pack.
  • The PR peo­ple rep­re­sent­ing West Berk­shire Brew­ery sent us three bot­tles of their new­ly re-brand­ed beer. (One got smashed on the way.)
  • Tap East host­ed a book sign­ing event on 22 Novem­ber and we got most of the beer we drank on the house.
  • Andy at Redemp­tion was dis­mayed to read that we’d had a bot­tle of Fel­low­ship Porter in poor con­di­tion and so sent us two bot­tles from a new batch, along with four oth­er bot­tles from their range. We will prob­a­bly blog about this at some point.
  • Har­bour Brew­ing of Bod­min arranged for us to receive 1 × 330ml bot­tle of their porter. (It arrived too late for inclu­sion in this taste-off, unfor­tu­nate­ly.)
  • Ama­zon Beer, Brazil, sent us 7 × 355ml bot­tles from their range.
  • Jacqui Small Pub­lish­ing, a sis­ter com­pa­ny of our pub­lish­ers Aurum Press, sent us a copy of Adri­an Tier­ney-Jones’s book World Bot­tled Beers: 50 Clas­sic Brews to Sip and Savour.
  • Firebox.com sent us six bot­tles of Fuck­ing Hell, an Aus­tri­an lager chiefly prized for a name which amus­es Eng­lish speak­ers. If it turns out to taste amaz­ing­ly good, we might write about it. (UPDATE: it’s dread­ful.)
  • The Brew­ery His­to­ry Society/British Guild of Beer Writ­ers are pay­ing trav­el expens­es for the talk Bai­ley gave at Hook Nor­ton brew­ery on 23 Octo­ber 2014. There was beer and food pro­vid­ed at the event.
  • We under­took some paid copy-edit­ing work on a chap­ter of the forth­com­ing Eng­lish edi­tion of the Mikkeller home brew­ing book at the request of Jacqui Small, a sis­ter com­pa­ny to our pub­lish­er, Aurum Press.
  • Roland at Has Bean Cof­fee sent us a selec­tion of posh ground cof­fees after read­ing this.
  • The Eden Brew­ery sent us a set (4 × 330ml bot­tles) of their With­nail beers.
  • Tru­man’s sent us a 330ml bot­tle of Ben Tru­man 1883 Export Pale Ale.
  • We have car­ried out paid copy­writ­ing work for White Rhi­no Brew Co, a craft brew­ery based in India.
  • Our Beer Mer­chants order got topped up with free­bies again – three bot­tles from dry­gate, a litre-sized can of Okto­ber­fest beer with glass (!), a cou­ple of ran­dom bot­tles, and a cou­ple of oth­er glass­es.
  • Lacon’s of Great Yarmouth sent us four bot­tles of beer from their new Her­itage Range. (Three of the four aren’t usu­al­ly avail­able in bot­tles; we think Audit Ale is.)
  • PR peo­ple rep­re­sent­ing Guin­ness sent us sam­ples of their new porters (three bot­tles of each).
  • Shep­herd Neame sent us a copy of John Owen’s book The Emer­gence of Shep­herd Neame from the Ear­li­est Days of Brew­ing in Faver­sham Kent.
  • Apple Press, who are part of the Quar­to Group along with our pub­lish­ers, Aurum, sent us a copy of Wis­dom for Home Brew­ers by Ted Brun­ing and Nigel Sadler, due out on 4 Sep­tem­ber.
  • Our most recent order from Beer Mer­chants got topped up with some free­bies, much to our sur­prise.
  • When we spoke at the Birm­ing­ham Beer Bash in July, we were giv­en free entry and our beer was on the house.
  • The Kings Arms, Beth­nal Green, host­ed a book launch event for us and pro­vid­ed us with com­pli­men­ta­ry drinks and food.
  • Var­i­ous bars/breweries helped us with our book launch. We appeared at var­i­ous venues on our Grand Tour, but we were not paid, and did not pay any­one.
  • Eeebria.com sent us a mixed case of beer so that we could try out their ser­vice. We have men­tioned one or two of the beers in reviews, dis­clos­ing in foot­notes on those posts.
  • Kirk­stall Brew­ery pro­duced a beer to a broad recipe spec­i­fi­ca­tion we sup­plied, but we weren’t involved in brew­ing it.
  • David Bruce is re-brew­ing Dog­bolter at the West Berk­shire Brew­ery to coin­cide with the book launch.
  • On our north­ern book tour (18–22 May) we were giv­en some drinks on the house at Port Street Beer House and at North Bar. Zak Avery of Beer Ritz bought us a pint each, and his col­leage Will bought us a cou­ple of beers, too. When we talked at Hal­lamshire House, our drinks for the evening were paid for (unex­pect­ed­ly) by Thorn­bridge Brew­ery.
  • We are work­ing with beerhawk.co.uk on putting togeth­er a themed case of beers to accom­pa­ny the launch of our book. We’re not being paid except for roy­al­ties on the books they’re buy­ing. They are also pro­vid­ing two cas­es as prizes in a com­pe­ti­tion we’re run­ning on the blog.
  • Odd­bins sent us two bot­tles of ‘No 2’ brewed for them by Com­pass of Oxford­shire. We haven’t tast­ed it yet.
  • Williams Bros sent us a mixed case of beers from their range (X12).
  • The Guardian paid us to write a piece about the glob­al­i­sa­tion of beer for their ‘Com­ment is Free’ blog sec­tion.
  • Pal­grave Macmil­lan sent us a copy of Steve (Brook­lyn Brew­ery) Hindy’s book The Craft Beer Rev­o­lu­tion. We haven’t decid­ed yet if it’s appro­pri­ate for us to review it.
  • The West Berk­shire Brew­ery sent us sam­ples of three of their bot­tled beers. We haven’t writ­ten about these yet.
  • Black For­est Beers who dis­trib­ute Ger­man lager brand Rothaus in the UK sent us six beers from the range. We wrote about them here.
  • The Wether­spoon’s pub chain sent us three cans of beer from Six­point of New York which they’ll be sell­ing from March onward. We haven’t writ­ten a full review but men­tioned them here.
  • Lacon’s of Great Yarmouth sent us one bot­tle of each of three beers to help with research into the arti­cle we’re writ­ing for Craft Beer Ris­ing mag­a­zine.
  • Beer52.com sent us a sam­ple of one of their month­ly selec­tion box­es con­tain­ing eight bot­tles of beer, from Grain, Point, Tick­ety Brew, Bar­ney’s Beer, Top Out, Church Farm and Oakham. We haven’t writ­ten about this yet.
  • Ron Pat­tin­son’s pub­lish­ers sent us a copy of his Home Brew­er’s Guide to Vin­tage Beer. We wrote about it here.
  • The Cam­paign for Real Ale sent us a copy of Michael Lar­son­’s The Beer Select-o-Pedia. Our review is here.
  • Craft Beer Ris­ing mag­a­zine com­mis­sioned us to write a piece for the sum­mer issue. We are being paid for this.
  • Blog­ger and home brew­er Andy Park­er, who has plans to go pro with his Elu­sive Brew­ing brand, sent us a bot­tle of Anspach & Hob­day Porter because he loved it and want­ed us to try it. We liked it and Tweet­ed about it here.
  • Hawk­shead Brew­ery sent us three bot­tles of beer bot­tled in-house on their new micro-bot­tling line. We wrote about them here.
  • Because of our par­tic­u­lar inter­est in beer brewed to his­toric recipes, West­er­ham Brew­ery sent us bot­tles of their Audit Ale and his­toric Dou­ble Stout, along with five oth­er beers from their range. We wrote about them here and here.


  • The revived Tru­man’s brew­ery sent us a bot­tle of their Lon­don Keep­er export stout. We wrote about it here.
  • Paul Walsh sent us an elec­tron­ic copy of his new mag­a­zine, Bel­gian Beer & Food, which we wrote about here. We then paid for a sub­scrip­tion.
  • AFTER we had reviewed their book here and in the jour­nal of the Brew­ery His­to­ry Soci­ety, we met three of the authors of Gov­ern­ment Inter­ven­tion in the Brew­ing Indus­try to talk around the sub­ject, and they bought us a cou­ple of pints each.
  • The Cam­paign for Real Ale paid us to write an arti­cle in their ‘real ale heroes’ series.
  • Jacqui Small pub­lish­ing, which is a sis­ter com­pa­ny of our pub­lish­er Aurum Press, sent us a copy of Ben McFar­land’s Bou­tique Beers. We haven’t decid­ed yet whether it’s less eth­i­cal to review it or not to review it, giv­en con­flicts of inter­est.
  • North­ern Monk Brew Co (now with­out David Bish­op) sent us a bot­tle of their Stran­nik Impe­r­i­al Stout. One of us liked it, the oth­er did­n’t. We did­n’t write about it.
  • A PR com­pa­ny work­ing for Sains­bury’s sent us six bot­tles of beer from their Great British Beer Hunt (from Bate­man’s, Gow­er Brew­ery, Hard­knott, Hilden, Hunter’s, Williams Broth­ers).
  • Evan Rail sent us a copy of his ebook Triple Bock.
  • The Beer Bou­tique saw that we were get­ting frus­trat­ed with online beer store inter­faces and offered us a 25% dis­count to entice us to give them a go. The dis­count was not exclu­sive to us.
  • Ford­ham Brew­ing Com­pa­ny sent us six bot­tles of beer. We blogged about one of them here.
  • North­ern Monk Brew Co (David ‘Broad­ford Brew­ery’ Bish­op) sent us a bot­tle of New World IPA. We wrote about it on our Face­book page.
  • Our pub­lish­er, Aurum Press, arranged for us to receive an elec­tron­ic review copy of Tom Acitel­li’s book The Audac­i­ty of Hops for research pur­pos­es.
  • Leigh Lin­ley, a fel­low blog­ger and author of Great York­shire Beers, gave us three bot­tles of beer and two sec­ond­hand books as a gift when we met him in Leeds.
  • On our research trip to Sheffield and the North: Simon Web­ster at Thorn­bridge Brew­ery gave us a copy of their book, Craft Union; Richard Mor­rice at Peo­ple Ener­gies (a  PR firm) bought Bai­ley a bagel; Thorn­bridge gave Bai­ley a glass of Scotch ale from a fer­ment­ing ves­sel; Chris­t­ian and John at North Bar in Leeds bought us a cou­ple of halves of bit­ter; and Stu­art Ross of Mag­ic Rock bought us a few beers while we inter­viewed him. (We bought him some, too.…)
  • Dog’n’Bone sent us a copy of Mark Dredge’s Craft Beer World. (We reviewed it here.)
  • When we went to inter­view them for our book, the Wild Beer Com­pa­ny gave us tasters of sev­er­al beers, and a box of assort­ed bot­tles to take away. We also bought two bot­tles of Ninkasi.
  • The Sebright Arms sent us a sam­ple of their Pure Evil black IPA brewed with Red­church Brew­ery.
  • Bath Ales sent us one bot­tle of Gem and one of Rare Hare. We haven’t blogged about these.
  • Kevin Bagshaw sent us two bot­tles of his award-win­ning home brew.
  • Ed Wray of the Old Dairy Brew­ery sent us a near­ly-com­plete col­lec­tion of CAMRA Good Beer Guides to help us with our book.
  • Dar­ren Nor­bury was sent sam­ples of Fuller’s Vin­tage and Brew­er’s Reserve and passed a bot­tle of each on to us.
  • We attend­ed a ‘sam­ple shar­ing’ tast­ing ses­sion organ­ised by Dar­ren Nor­bury at which we tried beer from Wells and Young’s, Rebel Brew­ing Com­pa­ny and Har­bour Brew­ing, free of charge. We blogged about the Rebel and Har­bour beers here.
  • Comi­da’s PR firm sent us a sam­ple of La Soc­cara­da which we blogged about here.
  • Shep­herd Neame sent us bot­tles of their India Pale Ale, Dou­ble Stout and 1698. We did­n’t think 1698 or the IPA tast­ed right and have told the brew­ery; the Dou­ble Stout was OK, but we won’t be blog­ging about it.; we blogged about all this here.


  • Ed Wray sent us four bot­tles of beer from the Old Dairy Brew­ery just before Christ­mas. We haven’t drunk them yet.
  • We received a sam­ple of Bate­man’s Vin­tage Ale. We wrote about this here.
  • We received a sam­ple of Shep­herd Neame’ Christ­mas Ale. We wrote about this here.
  • We were giv­en two trade tick­ets to the Great British Beer Fes­ti­val by CAMRA in August.
  • Ed Wray sent us some small sam­ples of brew­ers’ invert sug­ar for ref­er­ence; we sent Ed a bot­tle of our 1912 Cor­nish Stout.
  • St Austell sent us a 750ml bot­tle of Big Job dou­ble IPA. We blogged about it here.
  • St Austell also gave us “VIP” tick­ets to the 2012 Celtic Beer fes­ti­val (free entry, free beer from a lim­it­ed range). We paid for some of the beer we tried at the fes­ti­val. We have writ­ten about it here.
  • Aurum Pub­lish­ing sent us a copy of Britain’s Lost Brew­eries by Chris Arnot. We did­n’t blog about this.
  • Dominic Driscoll at Thorn­bridge sent us some E150 caramel colour­ing for use in brew­ing a his­tor­i­cal beer recipe.
  • We received a sam­ple of Fresh Hop from the Old Dairy Brew­ery. (We liked it and Tweet­ed about it.)
  • We received the gift of a book about yeast from Dominic Driscoll at Thorn­bridge because we wrote this. We have not blogged about this.
  • We sent a bot­tle of home­brewed beer to Dominic at Thorn­bridge, receiv­ing a bot­tle of Thorn­bridge beer in return. We have not blogged about this.
  • We received a gift pack of Bel­gian beers from Giftsofeurope.com. (We have not blogged about this but have giv­en them feed­back.)
  • We received four bot­tles of beer from Sains­bury’s PR, in rela­tion to their Great British Beer Hunt. We blogged about them here.
  • We received sam­ples from Grain Brew­ery which we took to this tast­ing ses­sion.
  • At that tast­ing ses­sion and anoth­er ear­li­er in the year we tried beers from Wad­worth’s, Sharp’s, St Austell, Rebel and sev­er­al oth­er brew­eries; those sam­ples weren’t sent to us, but nor did we pay for them, and we have referred to them on the blog and on Twit­ter.
  • We received a bot­tle of Flat Cap Beers ‘Ted’. We blogged about it here.
  • We received sev­er­al bot­tles of an ear­ly ‘test’ ver­sion of Har­bour Brew­ing IPA. We did not blog about these but gave them feed­back.
  • We received four bot­tles of beer from Brew­dog’s PR com­pa­ny (2X Punk IPA, Hard­core, Zeit­geist). We did not blog about these, though we have fre­quent­ly men­tioned Brew­dog on Twit­ter and our blog.
  • We received a bot­tle of Sharp’s Eden Project Cor­nish Pil­sner from the Eden Project for pos­si­ble inclu­sion in the talk we gave there. We did not blog about this.
  • We received a review copy of The Home­brew Hand­book from Cico pub­lish­ing. We did not blog about this but gave the pub­lish­er feed­back.
  • We’ve nev­er received any sam­ples from St Austell but they did let us spend a day look­ing at their his­toric brew­ing records.
  • We exchanged bot­tles of home­brewed beer with David Bish­op.
  • We received bot­tles of home­brewed beer from Andrew Drinkwa­ter.
  • We received a free copy of Evan Rail’s Kin­dle book Why Beer Mat­ters which we Tweet­ed about.
  • Boak’s lit­tle broth­er works at Tap East, Strat­ford, hav­ing applied for the job when we point­ed out the adver­tise­ment to him. (We have blogged about Tap East here.)
  • Ed Wray sent us bot­tles of two beers he’d brewed to his­toric recipes. (We blogged about them here.)
  • Greene King sent us sam­ples of their new IPA vari­a­tions. (We wrote about them here.)

Before 2012 Regret­tably, we weren’t as thor­ough in tak­ing notes back then, but we recall receiv­ing sam­ples from:

  • Bath Ales
  • Brodie’s
  • Bad­ger (Hall & Wood­house)
  • Puri­ty
  • Brew­dog
  • Mar­tyn Cor­nell (Amber, Gold & Black in ebook form)
  • Pete Brown (Hops and Glo­ry)
  • Jacqui Small (Ben McFar­land’s World’s Best Beers)
  • Fear­less Crit­ic Media (The Beer Tri­als)
  • CAMRA (Great British Beer Fes­ti­val trade tick­ets)
  • Beer Exposed tick­ets
  • ALDI (Shep­herd Neame Christ­mas beer).

Notes 1. We accept sam­ples on the under­stand­ing that (a) we might not write about the prod­uct at all and (b) that if we do, our com­ments might not be favourable. Some PR peo­ple choose not to send sam­ples at this point, which is fine with us. 2. If we don’t blog about prod­uct, it is usu­al­ly because (a) the sam­ple was pro­vid­ed for the pur­pos­es of giv­ing pre-pro­duc­tion feed­back; (b) we did­n’t find it very inter­est­ing – there was noth­ing to say about it; or © we did­n’t like it, but could­n’t find a way to say so which seemed interesting/constructive. 3. We have not list­ed here gifts from friends and rel­a­tives. We will usu­al­ly dis­close in any post men­tion­ing those beers whether we paid for them (free beer tastes bet­ter…) but don’t con­sid­er those in the same class as sam­ples from man­u­fac­tur­ers.

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    1. To be fair, you did make repeat­ed calls for any­one who want­ed to be on your list to pro­vide a mail­ing address… and we did­n’t.

  1. I have great mem­o­ries of adds when I was a lit­tle unn, of Manns Brown ale, recent­ly I saw it on sale in sup­per­mar­ket for £1 a 550ml bot­tle, my quest now is to find it for salwe.on draught in pubs, Scot­land , Glas­gow area, can you help me to see if this is a poss­abil­i­ty.

    1. Bil­ly – sad­ly, I don’t think it’s avail­able on draught. Not sure it ever has been, actu­al­ly, brown ale gen­er­al­ly being a bot­tled spe­cial­ty.

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