Refresh Your Feeds

A quill pen.

The other day in conversation on Twitter with Nathaniel Southwood (@NateDawg27) we were prompted to think about beer blogs and bloggers again.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut fol­low­ing the same few peo­ple you’ve always engaged with since year dot and thus get the idea that Beer Blog­ging is Dead when some or all of them give up the game. Mean­while, whole new waves of blogs have come, and maybe gone, and prob­a­bly been replaced by yet more.

We share round-ups of inter­est­ing stuff every Sat­ur­day, try­ing to cast the net as far and wide as pos­si­ble, which hope­ful­ly helps high­light inter­est­ing writ­ers but we some­times end up fea­tur­ing the same names time and again for var­i­ous rea­sons.

So, by way of a bit of extra sauce, what we’re going to do here is pro­vide a list (if not’s rude to say so) of less well-known blog­gers we’re fol­low­ing via RSS (we use Feed­ly) with brief notes on what they’re about.

You might not like the look of all of them, and inclu­sion does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly equate to endorse­ment, but hope­ful­ly you’ll find at least one or two new things to spice up your feeds.

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Inside the mind of CAMRA

We hope CAMRA appre­ci­ates the bril­liant if unsanc­tioned work of its activist blog­gers. All the paid-for PR and press releas­es in the world can’t com­pete with the kind of insight we get dai­ly from Maeib, Tan­dle­man, Steve and oth­ers.

Recent­ly, all three have come into their own, explain­ing the murky world of Good Beer Guide selec­tion to out­siders in posts like those linked above. When we ques­tioned why a par­tic­u­lar pub was­n’t in the Good Beer Guide a few months back, Steve com­ment­ed here, chased up with his con­tacts in the region in ques­tion, and then post­ed a detailed response here. Although Steve is care­ful to remind every­one that he isn’t speak­ing on behalf of CAMRA when he blogs, he cer­tain­ly boosts its image by doing so.

We still don’t under­stand why, in some towns, the GBG lists so many indif­fer­ent Wether­spoons and Greene King pubs; and we’d rather be told, straight up, which are the most inter­est­ing pubs in town, rather than those with the most con­sis­tent beer qual­i­ty (incon­sis­ten­cy is half the fun with real ale, right?); but at least we know now that the deci­sions aren’t made by robots or at ran­dom.