News, Nuggets & Longreads 4 August 2018: Alcohol, Mirages, Contracts

Here’s everything to do with beer and pubs that struck us as bookmarkable in the past week, from alcohol guidance to estate pubs.

First, a bit of news from the oth­er side of the world: Lion, which seems to be on a spend­ing spree, has just bought pio­neer­ing New Zealand ‘bou­tique brew­ery’ Har­ring­ton’s, found­ed in 1991.

Mean­while, in Aus­tralia, AB-InBev (via it’s ZX Ven­tures invest­ment wing) has acquired online beer retail­er Booze­Bud, to go with sim­i­lar pur­chas­es world­wide such as Beer­hawk here in the UK.


Illustration: poison symbol (skull and crossbones)

For the Guardian philoso­pher Julian Bag­gi­ni reflects on the essen­tial prob­lem of alco­hol guid­ance in the UK: the entan­gle­ment of sci­en­tif­ic evi­dence-based advice with mat­ters of moral­i­ty.

[We] like to think in clean, clear cat­e­gories of good and bad. With our puri­tan­i­cal Protes­tant his­to­ry, alco­hol has always fall­en on the dark side of this divide. So when the truth turns out to be com­pli­cat­ed, rather than accept this mature­ly, we refuse to acknowl­edge the good and car­ry on as though it were all bad. Because drunk­en­ness is sin­ful, moral con­dem­na­tion of it trumps any oth­er redemp­tive qual­i­ties it might have.

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