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The Agony of Choice

German postcard: a man struggles with the choice of beer in Munich.
"He who has a choice suffers torment!"

For several years, we bemoaned the lack of choice in London’s pubs, and British pubs more generally. Why did so many not offer even one beer worth drinking? Why did others offer three almost identical cask ales? Why no choice of bottles, at least? Slowly, things began to improve and these days, choice is the name of the game.

And yet, when it came to considering tactics for a trip to London last year, we found ourselves preferring to visit old haunts like the Nags Head rather than any of the new crop of craft beer bars. We just weren’t ready to face them.

A place like the Craft Beer Company, unless you can visit it every day, and have the funds to support such a habit, can actually be a little depressing. Even if we drink ourselves under the table, we’ll still leave wondering about the beers we didn’t try, the half that never was.

And then there’s the choice of pub. What if we pick the wrong one for our session and miss a gem in another part of town?

Don’t get us wrong: it’s great that places like this exist, and we enjoy visiting them, but, increasingly, we enjoy a manageable degree of choice in a normal pub even more.