Two Cornish Sports Day Beers

We’d like to have been at the meet­ing at St Austell where they brain­stormed legal names for a beer to tie into the, er, immi­nent, um… sea­son­al sport­ing event. They set­tled even­tu­al­ly on the suit­ably tan­gen­tial ‘Podi­um’. This is yet anoth­er pale-and-hop­py but, at only 4%, is a much lighter-bod­ied, dri­ly bit­ter beer than the same brew­ery’s Prop­er Job. Anoth­er beer we’d be delight­ed to see avail­able all year round.

Spin­go Ales at Hel­ston have not beat­en around the bush: in typ­i­cal­ly Cor­nish anti-author­i­ty style, they’ve called theirs Olympic. Bold as brass. It’s an inter­est­ing beer: gold­en, yes, but also made with smoked malt for a whiff of the Olympic flame. Now that’s an inter­est­ing approach to a sea­son­al tie-in.