GALLERY: Bristol Style

Bristol is famous for its graffiti and street art with entire blocks and many businesses decorated, more or less elaborately, in the familiar spray-paint style.

We’ve found the way this applies to pubs par­tic­u­lar­ly fas­ci­nat­ing since arriv­ing here per­ma­nent­ly in the sum­mer. We don’t know yet if we like it, as such but we do like that it seems to be a Bris­tol ‘thing’ – a real expres­sion of local iden­ti­ty. It also seems to sig­nal a cer­tain laid-back infor­mal­i­ty that you might call Bohemi­an if that didn’t sound ludi­crous­ly 19th cen­tu­ry.

We’re not sure of the eti­quette of pho­tograph­ing and shar­ing oth­er people’s cre­ations but have tried to find cred­its where we can and link to the artist’s web­sites. At any rate, con­sid­er this an encour­age­ment to go out and look at these pubs your­self, which are far more star­tling and unusu­al in the flesh.

"The Prince of Wales" (scrolll)
In the yard at the Prince of Wales, Bish­op­ston.
Art in the gaps at the Prince of Wales.
Front of the Prince of Wales by Andrew Burns Col­will.
A giant painted beer pump.
Side of the Prince of Wales.
The Golden Lion, front.
The unfin­ished front of the Gold­en Lion, Bish­op­ston.

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