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Spent-grain bread

Bread and chocolate stout
Bread and chocolate stout

Thanks to Bionic Laura at Aran Brew for this one. She’s just started all-grain brewing, and wanted to find something to do with all that spent brew, so she made soda bread with it.

We had to give it a go after our brew day (a nice light English ale, since you ask).  I kept back enough grain to do two batches.  This was a good job, as my first batch wasn’t that great – I think our grain was pretty moist, and so I shouldn’t have added so much milk.  It turned out very dough-like, even after 50 minutes of cooking.

I only added a cup of milk to the second batch, and this worked much better, although it was still quite moist.  Still, what I like about this recipe is it’s pretty good the next day, unlike most soda bread which has to be eaten fresh.  We’ll definitely be making it again.