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Knut, the Gunmakers, and our latest jaunt

We spent yesterday evening at the Gunmakers (Jeff ‘Stonch’ Bell’s pub) with Knut Albert, the noted Norwegian beer blogger.

We enjoyed a couple of pints of Purity Mad Goose (a golden yellow beer in Jaipur/Hophead territory) and Caledonian Double Dark Oatmeal stout (sweetish and mild) and some top notch grub, too — Jeff’s not being big headed when he suggests the food at his place is quality stuff.

As well as putting up with a lot of inane questions about Scandinavia, Knut was also able to reassure us that Hamburg, where we’re spending Friday and Saturday night, is not a complete dump as Lonely Planet would have you believe. We’re in Brussels tonight, although getting in late, and then in Luebeck on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

We’ll let you know if we find any beer of note when we return next week.