More boring lagers launched

Carls­berg have decid­ed to dis­trib­ute Pol­ish lager Okocim on tap, across the UK.

Okocim is not an espe­cial­ly excit­ing beer. It is not even the best Pol­ish lager – and Pol­ish lagers are a sor­ry bunch, to be hon­est.

It’s an attempt to tap into the mar­ket for “world lagers” – a bizarre sub-cat­e­go­ry much loved by chain pubs, which includes San Miguel, Kirin Ichiban, Per­oni and so on.

I wish some­one would dis­trib­ute Jev­er Pils, for exam­ple, or Kostriz­er Schwarz­bier. That would be news.

Heineken UK relaunch

Today’s issue of Mar­ket­ing Week car­ries a sto­ry about Heineken, who are appar­ent­ly relaunch­ing in the UK with a more “con­ti­nen­tal” image. They want peo­ple to drink Heineken in small­er mea­sures, with a thick­er head, as a “pre­mi­um beer”.

This won’t do any­thing about the actu­al taste of their beer – it’s still “cook­ing lager” – but it is an inter­est­ing step away from British lager cul­ture.

Mar­ket­ing Week also points out how bad­ly Heineken goofed when they relaunched last time, putting their beer’s ABV up to 5% just when every­one got upset about binge-drink­ing. They spent a for­tune on announc­ing “new, stronger Heineken”, and then a year or so lat­er their com­peti­tors were all announc­ing, for exam­ple, “new, weak­er Becks”, or Stel­la, or Car­ling.

They’re also announc­ing a new “draught keg” for home use. Er… Par­ty Sev­en?

Polish Beer Sales Good for SABMiller

ZywiecAccord­ing the BBC News Online, SAB­Miller’s prof­its are up by 14%. This is part­ly down to healthy sales of Pol­ish lager in the UK.

We haven’t been par­tic­u­lar­ly impressed with Pol­ish lager. But I guess it gives peo­ple the sense of drink­ing some­thing exot­ic – a “world beer” – with­out hav­ing to acco­mo­date any “weird tastes”.