A Change to the Scheduled Programme

This is what Sheffield is like, right?
This is what Sheffield is like, right?

We prob­a­bly won’t be blog­ging this week while we’re on the road car­ry­ing out research and inter­views in Sheffield, Leeds, York, Der­byshire and maybe Man­ches­ter, too.

We’ll be post­ing pho­tos and news of any inter­est­ing finds on either Twit­ter or on Face­book.

If you find your­self twitch­ing for a blog post to read with your morn­ing cof­fee, dur­ing lunch at your desk, or on the bog, here are few rec­om­men­da­tions from ear­li­er in the year:

Else­where in the Blo­goshire, why not have a look at these:

See you on the oth­er side!

Long Articles About Beer for May 2013

Cain's brewery logo

1. ‘Cain’s: the final chap­ter?’  and ‘Chap­ter 9: Full Cir­cle’ by Chris Rout­ledge

Rout­ledge wrote Cain’s: the Sto­ry of Liv­er­pool in a Pint and has fol­lowed the ups and downs of the brew­ery under the Dusanj broth­ers through­out the last decade. Now, as it looks as if it might final­ly be on its last legs, he offers a sort-of-insid­er’s view of the cur­rent cri­sis (actu­al­ly not that long…) which is best read along­side the chap­ter from his 2008 book to which it refers.

Richard Marx

2. ‘Right Here Wait­ing’ by Edward McLel­land

We found this through either Lon­greads or Long­form – we can’t remem­ber which – and enjoyed it for two rea­sons: first, because it’s a fun­ny sto­ry about a jour­nal­ist wind­ing up a touchy local celebri­ty but, sec­ond­ly, and more impor­tant­ly, because of the love­ly pen por­trait of a Chica­go bar and the uni­ver­sal strug­gle to become ‘a reg­u­lar’.

Truman's ales sign, East London.

3. ‘When Brick Lane was Home to the Biggest Brew­ery in the World’ by Mar­tyn Cor­nell

The king of the long­form beer arti­cle does­n’t real­ly do short. This piece tells the sto­ry of Tru­man, Han­bury & Bux­ton and its colos­sal ‘Black Eagle’ brew­ery in the East End of Lon­don from begin­ning (1683?) to today.

Brewdog bottle label.

4. ‘Byron, Brew­dog, and the recu­per­a­tion of rad­i­cal aes­thet­ics’ by Jonathan Moses

Moses is a left-wing polit­i­cal activist and teacher and so has an inter­est­ing per­spec­tive on Brew­dog and what he calls their ‘aver­sion to asso­ci­a­tion with the cor­po­rate mar­ket’.

Pub saved by irony

5. ‘The Pub That Was Saved by Irony’ by The Gen­tle Author (Spi­tal­fields Life)

How an archi­tec­tur­al her­itage muse­um want­ed to demol­ish a Vic­to­ri­an pub, and the cam­paign to save it, jux­ta­posed with the mem­o­ries of George Bark­er who grew up in the Mar­quis of Lans­downe before World War II.

We read arti­cles like this using Pock­et. Beer writ­ers and blog­gers: why not stretch out and write some­thing loooooooong?

Ten More Long Articles on Beer

A horse-drawn brewer's dray loaded with beer barrels.

As the beer blogs enter their Christ­mas hiber­na­tion, and you find your­self on a long jour­ney home, or twid­dling your thumbs on the sofa, nov­el­ty hat askew, it’s a great time to catch-up on some of those longer pieces you might have missed. Here are ten we book­marked.

1. The Plot to Destroy Amer­i­ca’s Beer (Bloomberg) – this arti­cle got tweet­ed and retweet­ed by every­one on earth in Octo­ber but we did­n’t get round to read­ing it until now. Les­son: monop­o­lies threat­en choice and qual­i­ty for ‘ordi­nary drinkers’ of ‘nor­mal beer’.

2. The His­to­ry of Pil­sner Urquell in Three Parts (Evan Rail) – the Why Beer Mat­ters author tells the sto­ry of the found­ing of Pil­sner Urquell, analy­ses its found­ing doc­u­ment and then sets straight var­i­ous myths, fairy tales and down­right lies that have built up over the years.

3. Shades, Dives and oth­er vari­eties of British bar (Mar­tyn Cor­nell) – ever won­dered about the dif­fer­ence between the saloon, lounge, snug and pub­lic bar? This arti­cle will sort you out. (Or con­fuse you fur­ther by throw­ing in the vaults, the shades, the ladies’ bar…)

4. Ter­ror at the Wen­lock Brew­ery (Stephen Sadler) – on 11 Sep­tem­ber, 1940, hun­dreds of peo­ple sought shel­ter from a Ger­man air raid in the base­ment of a Lon­don brew­ery, with dread­ful con­se­quences.

5. Shake­speare’s Local and the Aus­tri­an Tyrant (Pete Brown) – a handy left­over bit of his lat­est book, this piece tells the sto­ry of how South­wak brew­ery work­ers kicked a war crim­i­nal’s butt in 1850.

6. Albany Ale: Going Dutch (Craig) – one of sev­er­al posts by this blog­ger on the his­to­ry of Dutch brew­ers in Albany in the state of New York.

7. Com­plete Guide to All-grain Brew­ing(Neil at MashSparge­Boil) – he makes it sound so easy! (Which it kind of is.) If brew­ing is one of your 2013 res­o­lu­tions, read this for encour­age­ment and advice.

8. Yeast ploys…(Charles Bam­forth) – brew­ing sci­en­tist Charles Bam­forth argues that yeast isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to pin­ning down a spe­cif­ic char­ac­ter in brew­ing. (Con­trar­i­an much?)

9. Oxi­da­tion: good beer gone bad (Chris Bible) – a slight­ly dry but very clear piece explain­ing (a) what oxi­da­tion is; (b) how to spot it in your beer; and © how to pre­vent it.

10. His­to­ry of Ignatz Bier(Home­base­pro­ject) – the sto­ry of a Jew­ish-owned brew­ery in Berlin from 1907–2011, includ­ing it’s ‘Aryaniza­tion’ in 1933.

BONUS: The Pubs of Old Lon­don(Spi­tal­fields Life) – not many words in this one so not espe­cial­ly suit­able for ‘read­ing lat­er’, but the pic­tures.… oh, boy, such pic­tures!

If you’re still hun­gry for more, our pre­vi­ous ‘lon­greads’ lists are here and here

We rec­om­mend Pock­et (for­mer­ly Read it Lat­er) for iOS and Android as a great way to con­sume long web arti­cles on the move.

Must-reads and longreads

A few more long arti­cles on beer to read lat­er

The ten links we post­ed a cou­ple of weeks ago prompt­ed a few sug­ges­tions from oth­ers on long arti­cles worth sav­ing with Pock­et or Instapa­per to read lat­er; we also spot­ted a cou­ple our­selves.

  1. Sev­en aban­doned brew­eries open for explo­ration – with great pic­tures for the less adven­tur­ous. (Via Alessio Leone.)
  2. Pil­sner Urquell: An Old Czech Fairy Tale by Des de Moor.
  3. North­ern Renais­sance: a new gen­er­a­tion of Bel­gian brew­ers by Bet­sy Andrews for Saveur. (Via Stan Hierony­mus.)
  4. A  San Diego brew­ery’s hid­den art­work, parts one and two by Kel­ly Ben­nett and Angela Carone for San Diego Voice. (Via Alessio Leone.)
  5. Black Met­al Troy or, How to Drink Online by Robert Moor for the Brookyln Rail. (“Before Bruz, the world of online drink­ing had most­ly been pop­u­lat­ed by wussies sip­ping import­ed shit and using words like “ses­sion beer” and “mouth feel” and “Bel­gium.”)
  6. Guin­ness Myths and Scan­dals by Mar­tyn Cor­nell.


Must-reads around the blo­goshire

  1. Ron Pat­tin­son’s accounts of his search for Zoigl are as near to a trip to Fran­co­nia as we’re going to get this year. Great pho­tos, too. Parts one | two | three | four | five.
  2. On a sim­i­lar note, we enjoyed this post from Pivni Filosof about drop­ping into a home­ly Czech pub.
  3. Simon John­son’s post on 28 days with­out beer is inter­est­ing, as ever, but it’s the idea of the ‘hard reset’ of the palate we’ll be steal­ing.
  4. Kristy McCready con­tin­ues to give away top-notch PR advice to organ­i­sa­tions (includ­ing brew­eries) will­ing to lis­ten. Here she is on how (not) to use Twit­ter and here on mak­ing the most of Face­book.
  5. Sid Bog­gle, who we wish would post more often (no pres­sure) gives anoth­er angle on the expe­ri­ence of vis­it­ing a Brew­dog bar. We espe­cial­ly liked his descrip­tion of falling into con­ver­sa­tion with some­one still in the first throes of pas­sion for craft beer: “he was enthu­si­as­tic as a kid about what he was dis­cov­er­ing”.
  6. The Beer Pro­le’s piece on the cul­ture of rounds in British pubs was a great read. The eti­quette dif­fers from region to region, coun­try to coun­try, gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion.