Mulled beer attempt 1

We fol­lowed the Wik­i­how advice for our first exper­i­ment, egg yolk and all. We took a bot­tle of Lon­don Pride, added spices, gin­ger, hon­ey and warmed it up. We then added an egg yolk & sug­ar mix­ture.

The result looked like tea, smelled like mulled wine and tast­ed like a hot cross bun with hops. Drink­able, but would be bet­ter with a less hop­py beer.

Gluhbier in Dresden

Liefmann's gluhbier at the Christmas market in Dresden
Lief­man’s Gluh­bier in the Striezel­markt, Dres­den

We had a few hours to kill in Dres­den and could­n’t resist a turn around the Christ­mas mar­ket. We ate junk food and were all geared up for a mulled wine when we spot­ted a stand offer­ing Lief­man’s Gluh­bier.

The Ger­mans – a rather con­ser­v­a­tive bunch, if we can be per­mit­ted to gen­er­alise – seemed bemused, but we and a hand­ful of Amer­i­can tourists were up for it.

It tast­ed fan­tas­tic. A spiced ver­sion of their kriek cher­ry beer, it real­ly did­n’t taste much dif­fer­ent to the cheap, fruity red wine they nor­mal­ly dish out. The spices are bare­ly there, which we liked (too many cloves and too much cin­na­mon have ruined many a Christ­mas beer).

A cou­ple of locals asked us what we thought and, with our rec­om­men­da­tion, decid­ed to give it a try. They seemed to enjoy it. Will Ger­mans one day put fruit and spices in more of their own beers, rather than import­ing it from Bel­gium…?