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See You on the Other Side

Lager in the tropics.

We’re going to be away for two weeks, gadding about Germany and France with our Bradshaw and a fistful of Baedekers.

We probably won’t be posting anything here, but we’ll try to keep up our Tweeting and maybe do a little Facebooking.

In the meantime, here are some nuggets to chew on.

  • We’re going to ‘go long‘ again on 30 November. What we write will probably have a Christmas theme. Once again, we’d be delighted if you joined us, like this lot did last week.

Indeed as the big brewers launch ‘badged’ beers to try to create the impression of ‘guests’ and attempt to steal the micros’ clothes with limited edition ales (Whitbread should learn to brew one beer properly before they try to brew a Classic Series reckons Don), competition is not just within the sector, but for the sector.

  • On our return, we’ll be speaking at the Eden Project’s food and drink festival, this time on the subject of historical beer styles and their influence on what’s available on the market right now. We’re writing the script on our hols, so that’s all we know for the moment, except that we’re hoping to use St Austell Proper Job and 1913 Stout in the tasting.
  • And, finally, if you’ve ever wondered what the HELL we look like, you might want to keep an eye on Enormous Face, where a ‘guest post’ is imminent.