A Quick Quiz Question

The Windsor Castle by Ewan M.
The Windsor Castle by Ewan M, used with permission. Thanks, Ewan!

Why would the above pub be a particularly suitable place to drink during November?

We’ll post the answer at the end of the day.


Well done, Andrew — the Windsor Castle is the current headquarters of the Handlebar Club which celebrates moustaches with ‘graspable extremities’. Appropriate, we reckon, for ‘Movember‘.

We first came across mention of the club in a 1947 issue of LIFE magazine accompanied by this picture:

The Handlebar Club, 1947.

The American magazine describes the venue for the meeting as ‘the Temple pub’ but we haven’t been able to work out where exactly that was. (Possibly actually a restaurant?) Jimmy Edwards is in there somewhere — third from left, or is that him at the far end of the table on the right?

Here’s another pic from the same article, captioned ‘Boozer’s Droop’, and featuring a cameo from a ten-sided pint glass:

A moustachioed man with a pint glass.