Generalisations about beer culture

Ten Beers to Try Before You Die!

The one you drink straight from the bottle, straight from the fridge, after work on a hot day.

The one a relative or friend buys you as a token of repressed but deeply-felt affection.

The one you have with breakfast at a grotty railway station or airport bar before embarking on an adventure.

The one that you don’t really want at the end of a night but drink anyway because you’re having too much fun to leave.

The one you drink on Sunday afternoon in front of the fire with a gale blowing outside, during a power cut.

The one you order to annoy a snooty waiter in a restaurant where they really think you ought to be drinking wine.

The one you have at lunchtime on a week day, while reading the paper, on a day off.

The one that tastes especially good about 72 hours after a terrible hangover.

The one you finally manage to open with your front door key after 15 minutes, having forgotten to bring a bottle opener.

The one you’re right in the middle of enjoying when you die.

We wrote this on our Facebook page back in 2013 but wanted to give it a more permanent home here on the blog.


Modern Pubmanship, Part 2: Sharing Tables

The second in an occasional series of guest posts by our etiquette expert R.M. Banks.

Pint of Beer illustration.

I am, in general, one of those sturdy types whose natural resting position in the public house is at a 40 degree angle against the bar with one set of hobnails planted on the brass rail, elbows on the drip mat.

From time to time, however, even I cannot resist the siren lure of a chair and table.

For the serious shovelling of peas, the sculpting of mashed tubers, and the dissection of a coiled Cumberland, the convenient horizontality of the C&T is hard to beat.