Our Favourite Beer Tweets of 2018

We’ve done this for the past few years, partly to remind ourselves of things that tickled us, enlightened us, or made us think, but also perhaps to help you find new people to follow.

Of course Twit­ter makes this very dif­fi­cult: advanced search tools that used to make it easy to review our own past retweets seem to be bro­ken, or lim­it­ed, and scrolling back through your own time­line is painful­ly slow.

For­tu­nate­ly, between that and our week­ly news and nuggets round-ups, we did man­age to dig up the fol­low­ing.

1. Pub signs

Tru­ly a work of art.

2. Pub interiors

Mar­tin Tweets hun­dreds of pic­tures like this from his pub crawls – do give him a fol­low.

3. Morse – he’s a mystery to us

Pan­do­ra Tweet­ed a whole series of pho­tos of John Thaw hold­ing pints of beer and, hon­est­ly, we want some­one to turn this into a cal­en­dar.

4. Acoustic money

This amused us at the time; with all the recent talk of cash­less pubs, it has gained new rel­e­vance.

5. Duran Duran

Pete should be both ashamed and proud of him­self.

6. Elastic capacity

Nick has a knack of cut­ting through to this kind of essen­tial truth.

7. April Fool

Some­thing some­thing craft beer some­thing some­thing.

8. Pub food

Or for three Rich­mond sausages on Smash with Bis­to.

9. Garnish

Like some­thing from Vic & Bob’s ‘The Club’.

10. Memory failure

It us”, as the kids were say­ing about four years ago.

11. Simples

Well, he’s not wrong.

12. Thinking up time

Not every­body agreed with the sen­ti­ment expressed here.

13. On the up

There’s hope for them yet.

14. Stereotypes

Ay up.

15. Am I bothered?

Sharp after­taste, slight­ly sour, 2 stars.

16. The Old House at Home

This account is Evan Rail’s ther­a­peu­tic side project. Give it a fol­low.

17. There’s a man down the pub swears he’s Elvis

Paul’s web­site is a fan­tas­tic resource – check it out.

18. Fierce

.…mount­ed her wheel…”

19. A chance of meatballs

Sign of the times.

20. And one of our own

There’s one more round-up to come this year – our ‘best of us’ post where we flag the favourite bits of our own writ­ing. That should land… tomor­row, maybe? Or Sun­day.

The Best Beer Tweets of 2017

This seems to have become an annual tradition and, like all these apparently fluffy listicle round-ups, does actually serve a purpose.

First, it reminds us of things we enjoyed but had for­got­ten, giv­ing us the plea­sure of being tick­led by them all over again.

And, sec­ond­ly, we hope, it will help you find some peo­ple worth fol­low­ing who might not already be on your radar.

At any rate, if there’s any­thing below you par­tic­u­lar­ly like, do give it a retweet. If these folk are any­thing like us, every RT is like a lit­tle pat on the back – the small­est unit of ‘thank you’ known to man.

A Tribute to the Essential Weirdness of Pubs
A Tribute to Pass-Agg Pub Signage

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Top Beer Tweets of 2016

These are the Tweets that made us laugh or think in the last 12 months.

Some are from peo­ple who write most­ly about beer, oth­ers are from out­side The Bub­ble, but they all prompt­ed us to either click the Retweet but­ton or include them in our week­ly links round-ups.

For more of this kind of thing fol­low us @boakandbailey and if you see any­thing below that tick­les you, give it a Like or an RT. If these peo­ple are any­thing like us, it’ll cheer them right up.

1. Craig Garvie brought us this hor­ror which made us won­der why they don’t just roll the bot­tle round in some hair and toe­nail clip­pings and be done.

2. We’re sur­prised we haven’t seen more of this kind of thing to be hon­est. It’s hard to stop look­ing at.

3. This from Bryan Roth made us feel faint­ly guilty. In a good way.

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Session 107: Am I Your Friend?

The Session this month is hosted by a brewery, Community Beer Works, on whose behalf Dan asks:

Do you want your feeds clear of busi­ness­es, or do you like when a brew­ery engages with peo­ple? Can you think of any­one who does it par­tic­u­lar­ly well, or poor­ly?

Let’s break that down.

1. Do we want our feeds clear of busi­ness­es? No, we do not. Busi­ness­es make the beer, and we spend an inor­di­nate amount of time observ­ing busi­ness­es, inter­view­ing peo­ple from busi­ness­es, and won­der­ing what busi­ness­es will do next. We opt in to the Tweets and Face­book updates of plen­ty of brew­eries – amaz­ing, real­ly, when you think of the lengths we and oth­ers go to to avoid adver­tis­ing in oth­er con­texts.

2. Do we like when a brew­ery engages with peo­ple? Yes, to an extent, in a way, with­in cer­tain para­me­ters. We love it when brew­ers answer tech­ni­cal ques­tions with (appar­ent) hon­esty, or ask ques­tions of the peo­ple who drink their beer. It’s great when they reveal a lit­tle of what makes them tick, or tell us things we would­n’t oth­er­wise know – a sense that we’re being reward­ed for fol­low­ing with ‘the inside skin­ny’. As con­sumers, the more engage­ment we can get, the bet­ter; with our lit­tle writ­ers’ hats on, though, a lit­tle dis­tance is appro­pri­ate: we can’t real­ly be pals.

3. Who’s real­ly good at it? Richard Bur­house at Mag­ic Rock seems to strike the right bal­ance of open­ness and good taste, nev­er seem­ing any less than hon­est. John Keel­ing at Fuller’s dis­pens­es bite-sized nuggets of wis­dom which, one day, will be com­piled into a lit­tle book for oth­er brew­ers to keep in their blaz­er pock­ets. Fer­gus Fitzger­ald at Adnams gives a real sense of what it is like to be head brew­er at an old fam­i­ly brew­ery: he answers ques­tions freely, and comes across as warm and gen­uine. And this post shar­ing every last detail of a high­ly-regard­ed recipe from last week, shar­ing every last detail of a high­ly-regard­ed recipe, was great. What they all have in com­mon, we guess, is that there’s no sense of the hard sell about them, and no feel­ing of being PRd at.

Top Beer Tweets Of 2015

We’ve been bookmarking and saving these beer- and pub-related Tweets all year.

Some of them we Re-Tweet­ed at the time; oth­ers we includ­ed in our week­ly round-ups.

We hope you find some­thing here to tick­le you and maybe also a few new peo­ple to fol­low.

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