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VIDEO: You’re A Skolar

An advert for Skol lager from (says the uploader, FishyFish) 1979.

Beer history videos

VIDEO: Home Brewing — On the House (1947)

The Golden Lion, Southwick, Hampshire: ‘In austerity Britain, this is one pub that never goes dry.’

From British Pathé on YouTube. (Note the glasses in the pub at the end: lots of dimpled mugs.)

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VIDEO: Called It!

We wouldn’t normally share contrived wannabe-viral videos from breweries, especially big ones — someone, somewhere will be counting this, with glee, as ‘engagement’ — but as it’s a rare case of us getting a prediction right (item 5), we felt compelled.

What are they saying here? That the product is actually pretty inoffensive and more culturally significant than people give credit for (probably true) and that, more importantly, most of us bullshitters can’t really tell the difference anyway (maybe somewhat true).

(Via @Ben_T_Johnson.)

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The Ram Brewery, London

A short film by the 1000 Londoners project: “John Hatch is a passionate connoisseur of beer and brewing. From a very young age he worked for the award-winning Young’s which brewed its beer at The Ram, the oldest brewery in the country, with records going back to 1533.”

WARNING: Contains scenes of pewter tankard use which some viewers may find disturbing.

American beers videos

VIDEO: A Beer Can’s Point of View

A can’s-eye view of a brewery, filmed using a Go-Pro sports camera. It’s an advert, really, but it’s quite clever, so we’ll alllow it. (Pure Fury from Rhinegeist on Vimeo. (Via Thrillist.))