GALLERY: Artillery Inn, Exeter, 1980s

While at home for Christmas, Bailey took the opportunity to raid his parents photo archive (an ancient Tesco carrier bag) for pictures from their time running the Artillery Inn, Exeter, between 1981-84.

GALLERY: Manet Paints Beer

Artist Édouard Manet (1832-1883), a pioneer of impressionism, liked to paint Parisian street scenes, bars and cafés, and had a particular knack for capturing the look of light glinting from a cool glass of golden beer.

The frequency with which he depicted women drinking beer — positively chugging it — is also striking.

The gallery begins with a painting much over-used in books and articles about beer but which we couldn’t ignore. We’ve also pulled out a couple of interesting details for closer attention.

We referred to these pictures a lot while working on Gambrinus Waltz — it might have been the wrong city, but lager came to London via Paris, and the atmosphere of London’s lager beer saloons was similarly racy.

All of these images were taken from Wikimedia Commons and are in the public domain.

GALLERY: Brewing in Ireland c.1902

The invaluable and labyrinthine Internet Archive ( recently made available millions of public domain images from old books, searchable by keyword, on

This gallery comes from a 1902 book called Ireland: industrial and agricultural which has a substantial section on brewing in Ireland.

(We’ve tidied the images up a bit and flipped them all the right way round.)

GALLERY: Brew Britannia Deleted Scenes

Featured image: David Bruce outside the Flounder & Firkin, Islington, in the early 1980s. (SOURCE: David Bruce.)

These are photos we didn’t use in Brew Britannia because they were too low in resolution, too low in contrast, or, in the case of a couple we took ourselves, rotten.

We’ve also thrown in a colour version of the Brahms & Liszt beer label which appears in black-and-white in the book.

With thanks to John Keeble, Brian Schwartz, Martin Sykes, David Bruce, Christian Townsley & John Gyngell and Simon Webster.

GALLERY: European Beer, 1890s

We have culled these advertisements from two editions of the Hamburg American Line (aka Hapag Lloyd) guide to Europe from 1896 and 1900. The former is available through while the latter (stinky and falling apart) is in our own collection.

(When did you last see a hotel using its beer offer as selling point?)

GALLERY: London Pub Details

There are lots of pubs and former pubs on almost every street in London, often with advertisements for long-gone brands.

GALLERY: Brewing Aristocracy

It’s surprisingly hard to come by portraits of brewers (or brewery owners, at least) even though we’re certain there must be lots of them knocking about in boardrooms and regional galleries. Here are a few we’ve found.

On the Tiles

Many Manchester pubs have more or less elaborate tiling and we managed to snap a few pictures on our visit last week.

1950s Beer Mats

We picked up these among a bundle of 16 for £4.99 inc. delivery on Ebay.