MUSIC: Pub Crawling Blues

We were tipped off to this by a documentary about British blues music Lenny Henry made for Sky Arts.

It’s from a 1969 LP called Black Lon­don Blues which is pret­ty great from start to fin­ish and is avail­able on Spo­ti­fy, iTunes, and to buy on CD.

And, yes, that is Ram John Hold­er as in Pork Pie from the 1990s sit­com Desmond’s, who turns out to be a very inter­est­ing bloke.

I had ten pints of bit­ter at the vol­un­teer of Glouces­ter Place.
I’m pub crawl­ing… I’m the Ram.
I’m pub crawl­ing… I’m your man.

Who Drank My Beer? (1952)

We heard this song by Dave Bartholomew on a com­pi­la­tion of blues and R&B songs about booze that Bailey’s Dad was lis­ten­ing to over the week­end. It’s a sad tale of a bloke who goes (we think) to the bog and, when he comes back, finds that some­one has fin­ished his pint:

Who drank my beer while I was in the rear?
Who drank my beer while I was in the rear?
Point out that low-down moocher –
I’ll dis­lo­cate his future!

VIDEO: 1975 Covent Garden Beer Exhibition

We’re very grate­ful to Steve AKA @untilnextyear for point­ing this clip out to us. Do any of you CAMRA vet­er­ans recog­nise the par­tic­i­pants, or per­haps even your­self? The hip­ster in the Wash­ing­ton Uni­ver­si­ty top wouldn’t look out of place at a craft beer fes­ti­val in 2015.

PS. Our long arti­cle about Covent Gar­den ’75 fea­tures in the cur­rent edi­tion of CAMRA’s BEER mag­a­zine which is tech­ni­cal­ly only avail­able to mem­bers but is prob­a­bly also knock­ing about a shelf in your local real ale pub.