VIDEO: Sake Brewing in Kyoto

This is an advertisement for the Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co. and is frankly a bit short on actual information but, blimey, it’s pretty.

(Via Rocket News, via Eater.)

beer in fiction / tv Germany videos

Neues Trendbier IPA

From Bayerischer Rundfunk, a short report (1 min) on IPA, the ‘Neues Trendbier’, which is worth watching for the shots (from 30 seconds in) of veteran German beer drinkers reacting with disgust at the aroma and flavour. (In German, but you’ll get the gist…)

beer in fiction / tv marketing videos

VIDEO: You’re A Skolar

An advert for Skol lager from (says the uploader, FishyFish) 1979.

Beer history videos

VIDEO: Home Brewing — On the House (1947)

The Golden Lion, Southwick, Hampshire: ‘In austerity Britain, this is one pub that never goes dry.’

From British Pathé on YouTube. (Note the glasses in the pub at the end: lots of dimpled mugs.)


VIDEO: How Cans are Made

If, like us, you remained fascinating by cans (they’re so space age!) then this video by Bill ‘Engineer Guy’ Hammack is a must-watch, not least because of the wonderful jargon — ‘seaming chuck’ is our favourite.

(There are going to be craft beer marketing people everywhere looking at those impractical spherical and cuboid cans and thinking, ‘Uh… where can we buy those?’)

(Via Laughing Squid.)