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Contemplating a beer, reading the paper, aaaaaaaah.

Contemplating a beer, reading the paper. That’s the life.

We started blogging about beer way back in 2007. (That counts as way back, doesn’t it?) Since then, we’ve written (as of 25 April 2012) a thousand posts. To help you find the good stuff, here are links to some we’re particularly proud of, with an attempt at order.

UPDATED 14/05/2013


You’re the Landlord #1 — question and answer | You’re the Landlord #2 — question and answer | An example of great landlord skills in Somerset | and some rubbish landlord skills in Cornwall | The Brown Bitter Company — an imaginary pub


The rise and fall of Starkey, Knight & Ford of Bridgwater and Tiverton | How British rock music has revolved around the pub since the nineteen-fifties | Becky’s Dive Bar in Southwark was one of the first pubs popular with beer geeks | Racial segregation in London pubs


The letters page of What’s Brewing has been the same for forty years | for a time, the stereotypical CAMRA member was a posh graduate in a blazer  | but here’s how the beard stereotype took hold, and this is how the ‘stout yeoman of the bar’ palare got going.

Before CAMRA

There was the National Society for the Promotion of Pure Beer, the Ancient Order of Frothblowers, the Pub Users’ Protection Society, the Real Ale Liberation Front, the Ring and the 135 Association.

Tips and tutorials

How to photograph beer on the cheap  | PR people: how to engage beer bloggers

Marketing and Branding

Marketing beer: a process chart (not serious…) | Tips on branding for smaller breweries | Brand extensions we have known | Five Suggestions for Greene King


Recipe and instructions for a homebrewed Belgian-style wit | Our hard-won recipe for big, fat Bavarian pretzels | Eastern-European bar snack recipes: kepta duona and nakladaný hermelin | Pizza | Doner kebab

Beer styles

Saison Cracked? — with diagram explaining “the wild side” | How beer styles can have multiple, equally ‘true’ meanings


A magical lunchtime at Brauerei Meister in Unterzaunsbach, Franconia | Nice places to drink in Regensburg, Nuremberg and Würzburg | Gose in Goslar and Leipzig | What we made of drinking in Heidelberg | Düsseldorf Parts One and Two | We get our heads round Kölsch in Cologne


Beervangelism | A post on pubs and social class, in which Bailey’s parents explain why they drink at home instead | An early attempt to stick up for CAMRA and ponderings on ‘craft beer’ | and some props for CAMRA members who blog  | Pasties — a study in ‘craft’ | Five Types of Beer Drinker


Eight alternatives to ‘boring’ | Why we don’t mind being ‘geeks’ (with comment from Wil Wheaton!) | We’ll never find words everyone likes; let’s work with what we’ve got

Bits and pieces

Eavesdropping at the Rake Bar | Trans-Atlantic Beer Tasting Simul-Post

Blogging about blogging (naughty)

Beer blogging attitude spectrum | Do beer blogs matter? | Honesty is Everything — blogging and writing ethics

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